How to download a card in Minecraft

Minecraft offers truly unlimited possibilities for creativity and adventure. Huge worlds created by experienced enthusiasts will allow you to become a hero of exciting history or experience your ingenuity in non -standard conditions. However, in order to get into a foreign world, you need to know how to choose and install the necessary card. This may seem difficult for beginners. That is why in this article we will analyze in detail the process of installing cards for Minecraft – from the search for a suitable card to solving the common problems that arise when it launched it. Even if you only plan to start your acquaintance with Minecraft or already have a little experience, these tips will help you easily download and launch your favorite maps of other players.

How to download a map in minecraft

Selecting a download card

First of all, you need to decide which card you want to download. There are a huge number of cards with different topics and for different modes of the game:

  • Survival cards;
  • Adventures;
  • PVP maps;
  • Parkuru cards;
  • Racing cards;
  • Moars-heads and much more.

Look on the Internet, selection of interesting cards, read reviews and select those that will like you. Pay attention to the complexity of the card, its size, the presence of quests and the characteristics of the gameplay.

Site for downloading

After you have decided on the card you need, you need to find a suitable site to download it. There are many sites providing cards for Minecraft, here are some of them:

  • PlanetMinecraft;
  • Curseforge;
  • Minecraftmaps;
  • Minecraftsix.

Pay attention to the reputation of the site, the number of download downloads and reviews about it. This will help you choose a reliable download source.

Card formats

Maincraft cards can be distributed in different formats:

  1. .McWorLD is the most common and convenient card format for Minecraft;
  2. .ZIP – an archive containing a folder with the world files;
  3. .MCTEMPLATE – a template of the world that needs to be created manually.

Different formats have their own characteristics of the installation, which we will talk about later.

How to install a card

After you have chosen a suitable card and downloaded it to your device, you need to install it in Minecraft. Let’s look at the installation process for different cards formats.

Installation of a format card .McWorld:

  1. Open the “loading” folder and find a downloaded file file with extension .McWorld;
  2. Run the file to start the card installation;
  3. Wait for the end of the card import process into Minecraft;
  4. Go to the “single game” mode and find the card in the list of available worlds.

Installation of a format card .Zip:

  1. Screw the archive with the card in the desired folder:
    • For Android – /Games /Com.Mojang/Minecraftworlds;
    • For iOS – rename in .McWorld;
    • For Windows 10 – %Localappdata %…\ Minecraftworlds;
  2. Open Minecraft and go to the desired world from the list.

Installation of a format card .MCTEMPLATE:

  1. Run the card template file so that the installation starts;
  2. Go to the world creation menu;
  3. Select from the list of templates the imported card template you need;
  4. Click on a template to create a world based on a map.

Possible problems and their solution

Problem: the card did not appear in the list of worlds after installation.


  • Restart the game;
  • Check the correct installation of the card;
  • Make sure the card is suitable for your version of Minecraft.

Problem: When starting the card, the game takes place.


  • Update the graphic video card driver;
  • Increase RAM allocated for Minecraft;
  • Reduce the details of the graphics in the settings;

Problem: There are no objects on the map.


  • Make sure you have the necessary DLC and resource packages.

I hope this article helped you figure out how to download and install cards in Minecraft. Good game!

We will summarize

So, we analyzed the main stages of downloading and installing cards for Minecraft – from choosing the subject of the card to solving possible problems when it launches it.

Installation of cards can significantly diversify your gameplay, will plunge into the exciting adventures created by other players, or experience their survival skills in difficult conditions of post -apocalypse. Downloaded cards will open up new faces of Minecraft for you.

However, before installing the card, you should clearly decide on its theme and genre, check the reputation of the author of the card, as well as verify the compatibility of the card with your version of the game.

In addition, for the comfortable work of big worlds, it is worth paying attention to the hardware of your PC or laptop – increase the selected RAM, make sure that graphic drivers are relevant.

Following simple recommendations from this article, you can easily expand the boundaries of your Minecraft thanks to a huge variety of cards from enthusiasts from around the world!

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