How to fix a bow in Minecraft

Onions are one of the most popular and effective types of weapons in Minecraft. With it, players can hit enemies at a considerable distance, without risking to enter into a dangerous close battle. However, over time, any weapons and ammunition in this game wear out and ultimately break. What to do when at the most crucial moment your powerful enchanted onion cracks and becomes useless? Throw it away and make a new? Of course not! In this material, we will consider several different ways in detail how to fix the onion in Minecraft quickly and efficiently.

How to Fix a Bow in Minecraft

How to fix your onion using an anvil

The most common method of repair of onions in Minecraft is the use of an anvil. To fix the broken bow in Minecraft, you will need:

  • Anvil;
  • Broken onion;
  • Spare onions or materials for creating onions (strings and wooden sticks).

Luke repair instructions:

  1. Open the anvil interface by pressing PKM along it;
  2. Place the broken onion in the first interface slot;
  3. In the second slot, place a spare onion materials for its creation;
  4. Click the “fix” button at the bottom of the anvil interface;
  5. The broken onion will be repaired! Now he is ready for use again.

Use of experience

If you have a “repair” spell on your bow, you can repair it by spending experience points. To do this, clamp the right mouse button, holding the onion. The repair interface will be displayed with the experiment scale. The more damage to onions, the more experience it will be required to repair.

This method is convenient when there is no anvil or the necessary materials at hand. However, it works only on bows with the “repair” spell.

Using a onion forces

In extreme cases, you can fix the onion using a conventional workbench. To do this, place 2 damaged onions in a line of workbag. As a result, 1 intact onions will be obtained.

However, this method has 2 significant drawback:

  1. It is impossible to fix the enchanted bows, all spells will be erased;
  2. The resulting bow will have arbitrary strength from the onions of the onions.

Therefore, the use of a workbench is recommended only in the most extreme case, when there is nothing at hand.


So, we examined in detail how to repair the broken bow in Minecraft. Onions are one of the most effective types of long -range weapons, so it is very important to be able to return it to operation after breakdowns. The main and best way to repair onions is to use a special block – an anvil. This method allows not only to completely restore the onset of onions, but also to preserve all the magical spells available on it. Moreover, with the help of an anvil, you can even combine spells from another enchanted onion.

Alternative methods, such as using experience or ordinary workbench, can also be useful in certain situations. However, they have some disadvantages that should be remembered.

So, summing up all of the above:

  1. For reliable and complete onions, use the anvil if you have the opportunity;
  2. The “repair” spell will allow you to repair the bow on the go, spending experience points;
  3. Line is an extreme measure without preserving enchantment and strength.

Knowing these basics of repairing weapons will significantly increase your chances of survival in the world of Minecraft. Do not forget to restore equipment and always have a spare onion at hand! Good luck, friends.

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