How to make a book in Minecraft

Minecraft, a popular video game in the sandbox genre, offers players a unique opportunity to reveal their creative potential and explore their virtual worlds. One of the exciting aspects of Minecraft is the ability to create and use various types of books in the game. These books can serve various purposes and add depth to the gaming process. In this article, we will consider the process of creating ordinary books and books with feathers in Minecraft, as well as study their various options for use and application.

How to make a book in minecraft

What books can be created in Minecraft

As we have already noted, Minecraft can create two varieties of a book: a regular book and a book with a pen. If in the real world, a regular book is used for reading, then in Minecraft it is used to create a bookcase, which is a decorative item for virtual houses, and to create a table of enchantments for magical operations. A book with a pen can be used similarly to its real purpose, but instead of reading it can be applied for notes or notes, as if you were the author of useful instructions.

How to make a book in Minecraft – Guide

To make a book in Minecraft, you will need only a few simple steps.

To scrap a regular book in Minecraft will be needed

  • 3 units of paper. Made from reed;
  • 1 leather. Falls out of cows and horses.

If you have everything you need, let’s start creating a book.

Go to the workbench, open it, and place the resources as follows:

  1. Place 3 units of paper in the upper row;
  2. In the central cell, place 1 skin;
  3. Complete craft.

How to create a book with a pen

Purge books serve as a certain goal in the game. With their help, you can create your own stories, manuals, or diaries. By clicking the right mouse button on the book that you can write, and picking up a book with a pen, players get access to the interface in which you can dial the desired text. The feather books created can be used with other players in multiplayer mode or stored as personal memories of their adventures in Minecraft.

We will turn a regular book into a book with a pen, for this:

  • Get a pen. Hunt chickens and pluck feathers;
  • Get in an ink bag: hunt the sea for octopuses, safe friendly mobs.

Open the workbench and distribute the resources:

  1. Place the usual book in the center of the workbench;
  2. Add 1 feather to the upper slot;
  3. Put the ink bag in the side slot;
  4. Take the created book with a pen from a workbench.

Application of books in Minecraft

What can be made using books:

  • Enchantment tables. The creation of a table of Enchantment in Minecraft requires additional efforts and resources. In addition to the usual book, you will need diamonds and obsidian – the most durable material in the game;
  • Bookshelf. For him, you will need 6 wooden boards and 3 books.

The use of books in Minecraft is diverse and multifaceted. Conventional books are mainly used to create decorative objects, such as bookcases and enchanting tables. Book cabinets improve the aesthetics of virtual houses, and the tables for enchantment allow you to perform magical operations in the game. On the other hand, books with feathers can be used to record instructions, notes, and any other useful information. If you need to record the coordinates of the hidden treasure or save the recipes of crafts, books with handles are a practical way to store and use information in the game. So if you want to expand your capabilities in Minecraft and bring a note of creativity into them, learn to create and use various types of books – this is a great beginning.

How to use a book in Minecraft

  1. Take the book in your hands;
  2. Press the right mouse button to open the book;
  3. Read the contents of the book;
  4. To close the book, press the right mouse button again;
  5. If you want to save the recorded text, click the “Done” button (ready);
  6. To sign a book, use the “Sign and Close” button;
  7. If you want to cancel the signature, click the “Cancel” button.


The world of Minecraft offers endless opportunities for creativity and research. Having learned to create and use various types of books in the game, you can improve your gameplay and raise the virtual world to a new height. Books in Minecraft – from creating tables of enchantments to documenting their adventures – give the game depth and fascination. So, start experimenting with books today. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination!

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