How to make a shield in Minecraft

Battles with mobs in Minecraft may be dangerous. Skeletons shoot from bows, zombies bite, and cryers explode! To survive in battle and protect yourself from attacks, it is important to have a reliable shield. In this article I will tell you how to make shields of wood, iron and even diamonds in Minecraft. We will find out what is needed for the craft of shields and how to effectively use them in battle against different types of mobs. Prepare resources, choose a workshop and go with me – we will make all kinds of shields in Minecraft!

How to make a shield in minecraft

How to make a shield in Minecraft – guide

For the manufacture of the shield, you will need:

  • 1 ingot of iron;
  • 6 boards (any).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Open the workbench. Click the right mouse button on the craft table;
  2. Place one wooden board in the lower row in the craft net in the middle slot. Leave the remaining two places in the row empty. Place 3 more boards in the second row. Finally, in the third row, put one iron ingot in the middle slot, and fill the rest with boards;
  3. After you arrange the materials in the correct order, a shield will appear in the field of the craft table. Just click and drag it into your inventory.

To equip the shield, move it to the character equipment menu. Usually the slot for the shield is located next to the armor slots. After the equipment, you can click with the right mouse button to raise the shield and protect yourself from attacks.

Minecraft shields can be decorated with various patterns and drawings. For this you will need a banner. Just place a shield and a banner in a craft grid to connect them. The resulting shield will display the design of the banner on its surface.

Using the shield in Minecraft

To use the shield in Minecraft, you need to press PKM (for Java Edition) or squat (for Bedrock Edition). When activating the shield, the player will move slowly, as when squatting. After 5 cycles (0.25 seconds), after the start of using the shield, all the blows inflicted in front of the player will be blocked.

It is important to note that the shield has its restrictions. If the shield blocks the attack stronger than 4 hearts, it will be damaged. The amount of damage to the shield depends on the strength of the reflected attack. In addition, when blocking a strong attack, the player using the shield will be thrown back.

However, the shield is not only a means of protection. With successful blocking, the shield also protects your armor from damage. This means that the use of the shield can extend the service life of the armor, reducing the need for its frequent repair or replacement.

There are certain attacks that the shield cannot block. Most of non -damaging effects, such as combustion or poisoning, the shield ignores. However, the lit arrow can still cause damage. The shield is also ineffective against magical damage and does not block attacks from a crossbow with a “piercing arrow” spell.

The shield has a limited locking radius. He can block attacks to (but not including) 90 degrees from the horizontal direction of the player’s gaze, which covers an almost complete hemisphere in front of the player. Attacks applied from below or from above, as well as vertical attacks cannot be blocked, since they do not have a horizontal direction.

I wonder that the shield can also reflect some shells. If an arrow or trident enters the shield, they will be reflected back to the attacker. This can be a useful way of self -defense and potential retaliation to enemies.

Interesting Facts

  • When blocking the attack by a zombie with a shield, it will be thrown back 1 block back;
  • The shield protects from the explosion of the cryer, but not from TNT;
  • Zombies or pygmies (starting with version 1.16) can select shields, but cannot use them;
  • Shields reflect arrows on several blocks from the player, which allows you to kill the skeleton if you come close enough;
  • The shield can stun the destructive skeleton, reflecting its attack, after which it will grow.
  • In Bedrock Edition, the shields cannot be painted, when combined with a flag in a workbench (or inventory), nothing happens;
  • Shields can be repaired using boards.

We will summarize

Mastering the art of manufacturing shields in Minecraft is very important for survival in dangerous battles with mobs. Following Step-by-step instructions, you can create shields of wood, iron and even diamonds. These shields will not only protect you from enemy attacks, but also extend the life of the armor and even reflect shells back into your enemies. So, collect resources, look for a workshop and go on an epic trip to make shields in Minecraft! Get ready to protect yourself and win mobs!

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