What is Minecraft

Cubic world stretching to the horizon. The endless expanses of green forests and golden sands, the incomprehensible depth of the dungeons and the vast height of the mountain peaks. A world where there are no boundaries for imagination and creativity, where any dream can gain real outlines. This is the magic of minecraft – games that erased the boundaries between virtuality and reality and allowed millions of people to realize the most daring fantasies. Games whose only limit are the framework of your imagination. Further in the article we will consider in more detail, What is minecraft, its gameplay, as well as the history of the development and release of the game.

What is minecraft

When Minecraft came out

It surprises many when they hear, In what year did Minecraft go out. The first to see the light more than 10 years ago, the game does not lose popularity today. Minecraft’s birthday – May 17, 2009. The game quickly won the mass audience and became a world sensation. Despite his solid age, Minecraft continues to captivate players with its boundless opportunities for creativity and research. Its longevity and unchanged popularity are evidence of an innovative vision and gameplay.

Who is the creator of Minecraft

Many users are interested in, Who invented Minecraft? The creator of the game is the Swedish programmer Marcus Persson, also known as notch. The innovative and creative gaming design of the notch struck the imagination of millions of players around the world and has since become a cultural phenomenon. Minecraft continues to be updated and developed thanks to its developers – Mojang Studios. Minecraft had a significant impact on the game industry, becoming one of the most successful games in the world. He inspired many other developers to use the open world and the freedom of action of players. Due to its unique concept and creative approach to gameplay, Minecraft made a significant contribution to the world gaming.

History of Minecraft

Minecraft was originally a simple sandbox where players could build and destroy blocks in the virtual world. The game was rapidly gaining popularity, and in 2011 it was released First official version of minecraft For computers Windows, Linux and MacOS. Over the years of development, a large number of different versions of the game have been created, including computer, console and mobile versions. Various modes, such as survival, creativity, adventure and many others, which allowed players to enjoy the variety of gameplay were added in the game. A key event in the history of minecraft can be considered the acquisition of rights to the game by Microsoft in 2014, which led to an even greater development of the project and release new updates. Today, Minecraft continues to attract players with its unique graphics, endless possibilities and constant updating of content.

Minecraft genre

Minecraft is sandbox in the genre of survival, where players can explore and create their worlds from construction blocks. The key difference between this game and others is in its open world without the set goals or plot, which gives the players complete freedom. The main features of Minecraft are the ability to build anything, from simple houses to complex mechanisms, and explore endless worlds with a variety of biomes. Also in the game there is a multiplayer mode where players can interact with each other, together to build and explore new worlds. The choice of modifications also adds diversity to the game, allowing you to change the game world and add new items, blocks, mobs and mechanics.

Minecraft game modes

  1. Creation. In this mode, the player can freely use all available blocks and resources without restrictions. It does not have a health scale or inventory and can instantly destroy blocks. All blocks are available, except some, such as a mobs spauner;
  2. Survival. Available health scale and inventory. To place the block, the player must first get it. You can use crafting to create various items;
  3. Hardcore. Similar to “survival”, but with the option of removing the game world after the death of the character. Also, in this mode, the complexity of the game cannot be changed, but the spane of mobs depends on the settings for all conservations;
  4. Adventure. This mode is still under development. In it, the player is available to the health scale and inventory, but you can not destroy or place blocks. Only objects can be used.


The game has several spin-offs, including the adventure Minecraft: Story Mode, developed by Telltale Games. Here, players are invited to choose their own path and influence history, making various decisions. On April 18, 2023, another spin -off was released – Minecraft Legends. Since the release, he received a huge number of positive reviews from both players and critics. Many note an organic combination of strategy and action, as well as attractive graphics. Critics concluded that Legends successfully maintains the charm of the original game, while offering a fresh and fascinating gameplay. She was called a mandatory game for franchise fans and a fascinating beginning for beginners.

Interesting Facts About minecraft

Minecraft found the implementation in various fields of society. It is used for educational purposes for the development of logical thinking in children, creating 3D models in architecture and design, as well as for the development of social skills through joint construction and interaction in the game world. The game can also be used in therapy for the development of creative abilities and improving psychomotorics in children with special needs. Minecraft console edition is available for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. If you are interested, which version of minecraft is the latter – At the time of writing this article, the latest version on PC – 1.20. How many people play minecraft? Minecraft is really the best -selling game in history: as of 2023, more than 300 million copies were sold on all platforms. In addition, she has an impressive base of players: 172 million people launch the game at least once a month.