How to make color text in Minecraft

Each Minecraft player at least once thought about how to make his messages in the game more noticeable and original. And today we will tell you how to write in chat, on signs or in books with bright and colorful text! This uncomplicated but useful opportunity will allow your messages to stand out and attract the attention of other players. Next, you will find out what special codes are responsible for this or that color, how to use them, and also where exactly you can use multi -colored letters in Minecraft. Go!

How to Make Colored Text in Minecraft

How and where you can write color letters

You can write with color text in books, on signs, as well as on servers in a chat when using a special mod. If you want to write color text in a chat on servers, you need to install a mod that will allow you to do this. One of the popular mods for these purposes is the “Advancedchat” mod, which allows players to use color codes in chat on servers. Just install the mod and follow the instructions to start using color text in the chat.

How to write color letters in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

Here is a Step-by-step guide on how to make color text in Minecraft:

  1. Enter formatting code. To change the color of the text, you need to enter the formatting code before the message. Formatting code for color text is a symbol of the section (§), followed by a color code. For example, if you want to make the text red, enter §C before the message;
  2. Choose a color code. There are various color codes that you can use to change the color of the text.

List of all color codes

  • §0 – black;
  • §1 – dark blue;
  • §2 – dark green;
  • §3 – turquoise;
  • §4 – dark red;
  • §5 – dark purple;
  • §6 – orange;
  • §7 – light gray;
  • §8 – dark gray;
  • §9 – blue;
  • §A – bright green;
  • §B – blue -green;
  • §C – red;
  • §D – light purple;
  • §E – yellow;
  • §F – white.

That is, the formula looks like this: “§ [color code] text”.

In addition to color, you can add other effects:

  • §K – flashing text;
  • §L – fat text;
  • §M – crossed out text;
  • §N – emphasized text;
  • §O – italics.

You can combine styles by adding several codes. For example, §C§l will lead to the fact that the text will become red and title at the same time.

How to write in color letters in Minecraft on signs

On the signs, as well as on the servers, instead of the sign § you need to put a sign &. The sign § simply will not be displayed. Color codes for plates are exactly the same as for books:

  • &4 – dark blue;
  • &C – red;
  • &6 – gold;
  • &E is yellow;
  • &2 – dark green;
  • &a – bright green;
  • &B is blue;
  • &D – purple;
  • &5 – dark purple;
  • &f – white;
  • &7 – gray;
  • &8 – dark gray;
  • &0 – black.

For example, if you write “&C&Ltext ”, then the message will turn into“ text ”in red letters.

We will summarize

The use of color text in Minecraft opens vast possibilities for creativity and self -expression. Thanks to a simple and convenient syntax with color codes, you can diversify the inscriptions on the signs, make books with recipes or tasks by making their headlines, make more memorable ads on servers. The use of color text in the chats of multi -user servers is especially relevant – this allows you to personalize messages, use as a stylistic tool to highlight important ads, create command tags, etc. On some popular projects, such as Hypixel, mineplex color text in the chat is available to everyone by default. Of course, attackers can also take advantage of this mechanics for spam or fraud of players. Therefore, on many servers, the right to write with color text is granted to a limited circle of people – administrators, moderators, owners of special privileges.

Nevertheless, color text with competent use is able to significantly improve the gameplay, make communication in Minecraft more vivid and memorable. Creatively approaching the design of your messages using color codes, you can really stand out against the background of other players. And the creation of colorful tablets or books will be another way to prove yourself in a creative plan within this amazing sandbox.

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