How to build a ship in Minecraft

The ship in Minecraft is the cherished dream of many players. After all, it is on board by a person built by the ship that you can go towards the exciting sea adventures! However, not everyone knows all the subtleties of shipbuilding in this game. What features should be taken into account when erecting the body? What equipment will be required to install? Where to get special mods that allow the ship to really move by water? You will find answers to these and other pressing questions in our article. Here we will not only analyze in detail the process of building a sea ship in Minecraft step by step, but we will also learn a lot of useful nuances to successfully implement the idea. It’s time to turn the dream into reality – we are going to build a ship!

How to build a ship in minecraft

What items are needed for construction

To build a ship in Minecraft, which really can swim, we need to install a special Archimedes ships mod. This mod adds new items to the game with which you can create moving ships.

In particular, we will need:

  • The helm. With it, it will be possible to control the direction of the ship’s movement. To create the helm, 4 boards, 4 sticks and 1 ingot of iron are needed;
  • Navigation device. Displays the current speed and direction of the ship. Necessary for orientation in the sea. Cracks from 2 mattresses of iron, 2 calves of gold, 2 glass and 1 redstone;
  • Floater. Improves the maneuverability of the ship. Made from board and wool. Need to be attached to the sides of the vessel.

Of course, in addition to these items, building materials will be required in large quantities – wood, stone, iron, etc.

How to make a ship in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

So, let’s start Step-by-step instructions for creating a working ship:

  1. Install the mod Archimedes ships. Go to the game folder, open Minecraft.jar, remove the META-Inf folder and copy the mod to the Mods folder;
  2. Find a plot of water from 2 blocks to build a ship. You can slightly align the bottom, removing the extra blocks;
  3. Build a wooden track from the shore deep into the water to the desired distance. This will be the basis for your future ship;
  4. Start erecting the vessel case from the necessary materials right above the water on this foundation. Observe the dimensions of 16x16x16 blocks;
  5. Add decks, masts, holds and other attributes of the ship. Do not forget to leave a place for cutting and helm;
  6. Install the helm in the wheelhouse along with the navigation device;
  7. On the sides and bottom of the ship, place several floors – this will give your creation of buoyancy;
  8. Cut the base from the boards and carefully push the ship into the sea! Approach the helm and sail on a trip.

As you can see, it is not at all difficult to create a valid ship if you fulfill all the Step-by-step instructions correctly. The main thing is to establish the desired mod and observe the dimensions of the future vessel. Let’s hit the road!

How to install a mod on a ship

For the ship to get additional functions, you can put special mods on it. For example:

  • Davincis Vessels – adds rowing oars for manual speed control;
  • Archimedes Hot Air Balloons – allows you to raise a balloon or airship into the sky;
  • Helms Craft – a mod with advanced control mechanics for better maneuvering;

The installation is performed in the same way as for the basic fashion Archimedes ships:

  1. Download the archive of the desired mod;
  2. We go to the game folder, remove the Meta-Inf folder from Minecraft.jar;
  3. We place the fashion files in the Mods directory;
  4. We launch Minecraft, create a world, build a ship;
  5. We enjoy new fashion opportunities!

The main thing is when installing – make sure that different mods do not conflict among themselves. Successful sea travels to you!

We will summarize

So, now we know everything you need to embody the cherished dream of our own ship in Minecraft. We understand what resources to prepare, how to establish a special mod, step by step, we dismantled the process of building the vessel and the features of its operation. Thanks to the knowledge gained, you can safely get down to business and build any sea creations of your fantasy – from a modest fishing boat to a formidable pirate galleon. Adventures on the endless oceans of the world of Minecraft are waiting for you! Fair wind and successful travel!

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