How to make ceramics in Minecraft

Ceramics in Minecraft is a unique decorative material with great creative potential. Of the multi -colored ceramic blocks, you can create houses and various interesting buildings, pavements, sculptures, furniture, use for interior design and landscapes. Ceramics in the game are quite easy to scrap – for this you just need to burn clay and add dye. And glazed ceramics with a beautiful pattern can be obtained by re -firing.

How to Make Ceramics in Minecraft

How to make ceramics in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

Getting ceramics in Minecraft is quite simple. First you will need terracotta – burned clay. And then you can already give it any color using dyes.

First find the clay with a shovel. It is found in the biomes of rivers and oceans. Place the clay in the stove with the fuel and burn. Terracotta will turn out – orange blocks without patterns.

Getting ceramics:

  1. Place 8 blocks of terracotta in a craft net on a workbench;
  2. In the central cell of the grid, place 1 dye of any color;
  3. Voila – You received 8 color ceramic blocks!

In this way, you can crash ceramics of all 16 colors in the Minecraft palette.

How to Make Ceramics in Minecraft-2

How to get ceramics in creative mode

To instantly get any ceramics in creative mode, use the following teams:

  • /give @p mincraft: White_terracotta
  • /give @p mincraft: range_terracotta 10 
  • /give @p mincraft: White_glazed_terracotta 64

Replace the color and quantity with the necessary.

What can be made from ceramics to Minecraft

  • Houses and buildings. Ceramic blocks are great as building material. From them you can build walls, floor, ceiling;
  • Paths and bridges. Multi -colored ceramic tiles allow you to create beautiful paths, squares, and courtyards;
  • Furniture. From ceramic blocks, interesting countertops, stands, shelves are obtained;
  • Mosaic. Multi -colored ceramics can be used to create bright mosaic panels, frescoes, ornaments;
  • Sculptures. Interesting sculptures, statues, art objects are obtained from ceramic blocks;
  • Decorative elements. Ceramics can be used to decorate gardens, parks, public zones – flows, benches, arbors, columns.

5 interesting ideas from ceramics decor

  1. Ceramic Garden of Stones. Take several shades of terracotta and lay out the composition in the oriental style from them with winding paths. Add stones, plants, flashlights;
  2. Undersea world. The walls of the room are glued with blue and turquoise ceramics. Sandstone, gravel are laid on the “bottom”. Sea inhabitants of ceramics are added;
  3. Chess Square. Alternate white and black ceramic tiles to get a semblance of a chessboard. Set in the corners of the sculpture of chess figures;
  4. Ceramic cabinets. Ostele the wall in the kitchen with bright ceramic tiles. In the middle make recesses for storing products and dishes. Add the countertop;
  5. Multi -colored columns. Eleat a number of columns from ceramic blocks and paint each column in your color using dyes. Between the columns, fill the space with multi -colored glass.

As you can see, ceramics gives great space for creativity! With this unique material you can embody any design fantasies and create truly unique interiors and landscapes. Good luck in creative construction!

We will summarize

So, we examined the main ways of obtaining ceramics in Minecraft – from clay using a stove or instantly in creative mode. We learned that from ceramic blocks you can build a variety of buildings and interesting decorative elements – from houses and bridges to sculptures and furniture. And with the help of multi -colored ceramics, truly unlimited possibilities are revealed for the manifestation of creativity and creating unique interiors. We considered only 5 ideas of ceramic decor, but you can come up with many of your own original options! Ceramics are a very promising and useful material for any experienced player in Minecraft. Create your masterpieces from terracotta and glazed blocks and enjoy unique masterpieces! Success to you and inspiration!

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