How to fly in Minecraft

Flights in the virtual world of Minecraft open unlimited possibilities. They allow you to quickly move over long distances, get to hard -to -reach places, make air tricks and just enjoy the feeling of freedom. In this article, we will consider different flights of flights in a popular game – how to activate the creative mode and fly in survival, master flights to Minecraft PE on mobile devices and use unique elitras for soaring travel around the world.

How to Fly in Minecraft

How to fly in mining in Minecraft

To fly to Minecraft in Survival mode, open the chat, enter the next command and click Enter:

  • /Gamemode Creative

This will translate the game into creative mode. It allows you to instantly create any items that you like and use all kinds of cheats.

By switching the game to creative mode, your character will instantly find the ability to fly. To activate it, just jump twice. During the flight at Minecraft, you can use a gap to rise above, or press Shift to fall closer to the ground.

The flight can help you:

  • Create stylish Minecraft videos;
  • Explore all new content in the second part of the “cave and rocks”.

How to fly in Minecraft p

To learn how to fly at Minecraft PE on mobile devices, follow these steps:

  1. Go to control elements in the lower left of your screen;
  2. Quickly press the button in the middle twice. You will rise to the height of two blocks;
  3. In order to rise above, press the key forward and hold, then press and hold the button in the middle;
  4. To sink, press the button and hold, then press the button in the middle and hold;
  5. To fall, quickly press the button in the middle twice.

Following these simple steps, you can easily learn to fly at Minecraft PE on your smartphone or tablet. Flight opens up new opportunities for the study of the world!

How to fly on elitors

Elitera is a special wing that you can find in the edge that allows you to plan and fly in Minecraft. Next, we will consider in detail how to use them.

Foundations of flight

Elitera is put into a biblor slot. To activate them, when falling from a height, you need to click on the gap, after which the “Parisen mode” is activated.

The flight direction is set by the player’s gaze, the control keys in the air do not work. To regulate the speed:

  • See up – reduction of speed, slowing down;
  • See down – increase in speed, acceleration of reduction.

If you look up vertically up – this will lead to a complete stop and fall. And if you look straight down, you will enter the peak and begin to gain a huge speed.

Safe landing

There are 3 main ways to land safely on elitors:

  1. Horizontal flight before landing. When the grass rustles under your feet – translate the camera up. This is a painless way of landing;
  2. Landing in a spiral. Rowing through a spiral of 10-50 blocks in diameter. Before touching the Earth, level the flight;
  3. Sharp loss of horizontal speed. Start quickly rotate around your axis, maintaining a height. This will gently land at high speed.


When starting fireworks in flight, you get strong acceleration. This allows you to rise to a great height. But be careful – use fireworks without “stars”. Otherwise you will receive damage!

A trick with onions

If you shoot from a bow in flight, the arrow will throw you forward. This allows you to fly almost endlessly on the elites!

To do this, you need onions with the spells of “discarding II” and elitra with the spell “indestructibility” and “repair”. Shoot your back regularly at low speed.


Using all these methods, you can climb the heaven Minecraft and see the familiar world in a new way. Flights open endless horizons for creativity, adventure and research. Having mastered the basics of managing the elites, you will admire the beauty of the virtual world from a bird’s height – endless ocean, snowy mountains, lush forests and green plains. Try to land neatly so as not to break valuable elitras. Use fireworks to recharge the speed for distant flights. Experiment with different ways of acceleration and braking in flight.

Having honed the skill of piloting, you can build heavenly castles from clouds, arrange air races with your friends, soar over the villages and study the remote corners of the world.

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