How to make a gate in Minecraft

Which of us in childhood did not dream of his own secret shelter or a tree house with a rope staircase? In Minecraft, any children’s fantasies can be realized in virtual reality! One of them is to build a fortress or house with a secret entrance. And to get inside such a shelter, you will need a small cunning gate.

A gate, or a small gate in the fence, is what distinguishes a conventional fence from a real fortress. In this article I will tell you how to make stylish and functional gates in Minecraft in just a few minutes. We will find out from which materials it is best to build a gate, how to arrange it correctly and how to make automatic opening. Soon you can boast of your friends the most reliable cache in Minecraft!

How to Make a Wicket in Minecraft

How to make a gate in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a gate in Minecraft, you will need only 4 sticks and 2 boards.


  1. Open the workbench;
  2. Put 2 sticks in the second and third cell of the first column of the craft grid;
  3. Then, in the second cell of the second grid column, put 2 boards;
  4. Similarly, place 2 more sticks in the third grid column;
  5. Now click the craft button and you will get the gate!

How to Make a Wicket in Minecraft-2

The use of the gate

The gate can be put on any block. If there are fences or a stone wall next to it, the gate will fit into them correctly and perform the function of the door – open and close.

The gate has a height of 1.5 block, so ordinary mobs and players cannot jump over it.

There are several main ways to use the gate in Minecraft:

  • To create corns for mobs. The gate is more convenient for the doors for such structures;
  • As the entrance to the fenced territory – house, courtyard, farm;
  • Instead of a window in the house. The gate protects against mobs, but at the same time can be opened for firing at them;
  • For passage to fenced wheat fields or small gardens;
  • As an element of decor – gates give fences a more realistic view.

Thus, gates are a very useful and universal element in Minecraft.

Interesting facts about gates

  • For the first time, gate appeared in update 1.8 Adventure Update;
  • To version 1.1 gate could not be opened with any mechanisms;
  • You can hang pictures on the gates and make a secret pass;
  • Gate breaks in any tool, but with an ax faster;
  • Zombies cannot break the gate like an ordinary door;
  • Village residents do not open the gates;
  • Gate height 1.5 block – small mobs can climb under it;
  • Gate open in both directions, unlike the doors;
  • When using the gate, they make the same sounds as the doors with hatches.

These are interesting facts about an indispensable gate in Minecraft! This is a really useful element for any structures and territories.


So, we examined the main aspects of the creation and use of gate in Minecraft. As you can see, nothing complicated is required for their manufacture – only 4 sticks and 2 boards. At the same time, the gate is very functional and applicable for a variety of purposes. Thanks to small sizes, the gate is perfect as a passage to the fenced area. It can be used for animal corrals, fences of fields and gardens, as well as just for the decor of fences and walls. By installing the gate instead of a window, you can protect your house from uninvited guests. At the same time, you can shoot at mobs from the gate without going out into the street. And some mobs, such as zombies, will not be able to break it at all. There are also many interesting life hacks using a gate in Minecraft. For example, make a secret passage using a picture. Or not to allow the villagers to roam your territory. In general, the gate is a simple, but very useful element of any base or building in Minecraft. Be sure to use our guide to easily create gate for any purpose! Pleasant game and successful craft!

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