How to find a village in Minecraft

Finding villages in Minecraft can be a rather difficult task, they appear only in certain biomes. However, do not be afraid! Several proven strategies can significantly increase your chances of stumbling upon the village. So if you are not allowed to expand your world in Minecraft and chat with friendly village residents, read our article, here you will learn how to find a village in Minecraft.

How to find a village in minecraft

How to find a village with a SID

The fastest way to find a village in Minecraft is to start a new game with a certain seat that guarantees that you will sleep next to the village. SIDS is the lines of the characters that are used to create the unique world of Minecraft. When entering a certain SIDS, you can create a world with a village located near the start point. It is important to note that for Minecraft, PC, consoles and Minecraft PE have their seats, but the concept remains unchanged. The guide here is quite simple:

  • Type in the search engine “[version of the game] Sid to the village” to find many results with various SIDS that will allow you to start the game next to the village;
  • Study posts on the forums, YouTube videos, Minecraft blogs, and fan sites for recommended SIDS. On these platforms, there are often communities of players who share their favorite SIDS and their corresponding starting locations. Do not forget that SIDS for PC, mobile, and console versions of Minecraft differ. Be sure to filter the search results to find SIDS suitable for your game platform.
  • After you find a SID you want to use, open the More Options or “Advanced” menu on the screen of the world. There should be a special section where you can enter SID. Enter it and start a new game to spawn near the village.

If the first SID you try will not generate the village next to the starting location, do not despair, continue to experiment until you find the perfect location.

How to find a village using the command

Enter the following command in chat:

  • /locate village

After pressing the Enter key, you will be shown the coordinates of the nearest village. Keep in mind that the team doesn’t provide information about the village’s height, so you may have to do a bit of digging or climbing to get to it.

Once you have the coordinates, it is recommended to aim for a height of around 70–90 blocks when traveling to the village. This will allow you to easily get to the village without encountering unnecessary obstacles and difficulties along the way.

Other ways to find a village in Minecraft

If you play Minecraft and want to find the village yourself, without SIDS, here are some tips that will help to do this:

  1. Understand the biomes. Villages can only be found in certain biomes of the world of Minecraft. These include plains, Savannah, deserts, and in version 1.10 – Taiga. Knowing what biomes should be explored will significantly increase your chances of finding the village;
  2. Explore the plains. Plain biomes are the most common and they are easiest to find. They are usually open and covered with grass. Follow any signs of civilization, such as paths or buildings, since they may indicate the presence of a village;
  3. Look for Savannah biomes. They can be determined by dry grass and trees of acacia. Although they are less common than plains, this is another suitable place to search for villages. Explore the area and be attentive to any signs of human activity;
  4. Check the desert biomes. They are characterized by extensive sandy expanses and cacti. There are sometimes villages in these regions, so carefully examine the area. Pay attention to any unusual forms in the landscape, as they can indicate rural buildings;
  5. Taiga biomes. In version 1.10 and above, the villages can appear in taiga biomes. In the taiga biomes, spruce and ferns grow, and wolves are sometimes found. If you come across such a biome, do not forget to explore it for potential villages.

If you cannot find the village in the aforementioned biomes, try to explore others. Although the villages are rare in the “Oak Forest” biome, it is always worth expanding the search to increase the chances of their detection. Remember that the search for a village in Minecraft is a matter of perseverance and research. Can pass for some time before you come across it, but hunting is part of the pleasure. Enjoy adventures and continue to explore until you find the village that they have been looking for so long.

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