How to make a leash in Minecraft

Leaders are a useful tool in Minecraft, which allows you to keep animals such as horses, and llamas, and even hostile mobs, such as zombies and skeletons. They allow them to be easier to move and transport these mobs, preventing them from getting lost or escaping. In this article, we will tell you how to make a leash in Minecraft so that you can effectively control your mobs and always keep them next to you. So let’s get down!

How to Make Leash in Minecraft

How to make a leash in Minecraft – step-by-step guide

To create a leash in Minecraft, you will need four rope blocks and one mucus.

Hyde for the search for materials and creating a leash in Minecraft:

  • Find or make a rope. When exploring the world, pay attention to spiders and striders. When you defeat these mobs, ropes can fall as loot. In addition, look for chests in certain places, such as dungeons, bastions, temples in the desert, and outposts of robbers;
  • Get mucus. It can be found in marshy biomes, defeating the slugs that will drop mucus. Another unique way to get mucus is to observe pandas. Sometimes they sneeze and as a result drop mucus;
  • Connect the materials. Open the craft table and decompose four units of ropes in the shape of a square, taking each slot of the upper row. Place the mucus in the central slot of the lower row. After the correct location of the materials, two leashes will appear in the results field;
  • Gather leashes. Move the just-created devices from the window of the results to your inventory.

How to use a leash in Minecraft

  1. After the leash is in your inventory, you need to place it on the action panel so that it is easily accessible;
  2. When the leash is ready for use, you need to find the creature to which you want to attach it. It can be a home or even an agricultural animal that you want to keep next to you.
  3. Activate the leash. The activation method depends on the platform on which you play. On the PC you can click with the right mouse button on the essence. On Xbox controllers, click LT. On PlayStation controllers, click the L2 button. On Switch press the ZL button;
  4. After the leash is attached to the essence, you can direct it to the right place. You can go next to the creature or use other means of transportation, for example, fly on the overlap or ride a horse;
  5. If you want to tie the creature to a certain place, you can choose a pillar or tree and click again with your right mouse button. This will allow you to attach a leash to the object of the world of Minecraft, effectively holding the creature in place;
  6. Not all creatures can be attached. It is important to note that not all mobs in Minecraft can be tied to leashes. Therefore, make sure you are trying to tie a creature that is compatible with it. Wolves, horses, and even some passive mobs, such as pigs and cows, are usually attached without problems.

Another way to get a leash is to kill a merchant llama. Lams are passive mobs that can be found in the villages, and sometimes a stray merchant with a tied lama appears. If you defeat the merchant and his lama, there is a chance.

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