How to make a boat in Minecraft

Minecraft offers players endless expanses for research and adventure. But traveling only land is bored and long. It is much more interesting to go sail in unlimited sea expanses! For this, the game provides for a special type of transport – boat. This is a compact and mobile ship that every player can create at the very beginning of the trip. In this article, we will consider in detail how to make a boat in Minecraft. So if you dream of becoming a discoverer, treasure seeker and just enjoy adventures in the open sea – this article is for you! Get ready to discover the exciting possibilities of navigation in Minecraft!

How to make a boat in mincraft

How to make a boat in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a boat in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 5 boards from any type of wood, but it is better to use oak, as it is most often found;
  • Crafting table.

Step-by-step instructions for boat craft:

  1. Cut 5 oak logs;
  2. Process them into boards using a workbench (1 log = 4 boards);
  3. Place the boards in the workbench in the following order:
    • The first row: empty;
    • The second row: board, empty, board;
    • Third row: board, board, board.

As a result, a finished oak boat will appear in the cell to the right. Take it into the inventory.

How to use a boat in Minecraft

To use the boat:

  1. Go out to the water and set the boat by clicking with the right mouse button;
  2. Sit in the boat, once again clicking on it with the right button;
  3. To go out, press Shift;
  4. Control the boat using the keys w, a, s, d and gaps, as when walking. See in the desired direction of movement of the mouse camera.

The boat allows you to quickly move around the water and explore new territories. Be careful when moving, so as not to break the boat on pitfalls!

At sufficient speed under the boat, spray will be visible. You can get up in the boat (Shift) to perform various actions. The boat moves faster than the character, but slower than other vehicles. In a collision with a solid obstacle, the boat is destroyed, leaving 3 boards and 2 sticks. Therefore, when moving, follow the obstacles and do not accelerate hard.

With independent destruction, a new boat will fall from the boat, which can be raised and used in another place.

Additional opportunities:

  • From the boat you can catch fish with a fishing rod;
  • You can transport other players and mobs;
  • It is convenient to explore caves and underwater landscapes.

Interesting facts about boats in Minecraft

  • Initially, there were no boats and swimming funds in the game. The players moved in swimming or built primitive bridges;
  • The boat was added in update 1.6 in 2013 after numerous community requests.
  • The maximum speed of the boat is about 4.25 blocks per second. This is almost 2 times faster than the player’s speed (2.5 block per second);
  • The dimensions of the boat are 1.375 x 0.5625 x 0.5625 blocks. This allows you to pass along narrow rivers and caves. You can put a second player or mob in the boat;
  • With the help of mods, you can create motor boats, sailing yachts, and even real ships. They differ in increased speed, carrying capacity and additional functions;
  • Inventive players come up with non -standard methods of moving through water: make rafts from boards, move in trolleys on rails above water, use slime blocks as pontoons and much more.

We will summarize

So, we examined the main aspects of the creation and use of boats in Minecraft – from craft to management and useful tips. Boats open before the players new horizons for research and travel. They allow you to quickly move around water expanses, get to hard -to -reach places, effectively catch fish and much more. Due to the compact size, maneuverability and high speed compared to the character, the boats have become an indispensable transport for any player. Of course, it is worthwhile to be careful when swimming, so as not to accidentally break your vehicle. But even in the case of crash, it is easy to get materials for a new boat. Also, players continue to experiment with non -standard navigation methods – whether rafts, rail carts or slime blocks in the role of pontoons. Fashion opens even more opportunities for creating futuristic ships and submarines. So do not miss a chance to go on a fascinating journey through the sea expanses of Minecraft on your own vessel! Who knows what treasures or uninhabited lands await you beyond the horizon? Forward in search of adventure!

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