How to make a bed in Minecraft

Minecraft bed is one of the most important things that every player should create. And it’s not only about beauty or convenience. The presence of your own bed gives some critical advantages. Dream in bed at night allows you to quickly move in the morning, bypassing the dangers of night. So you can easily wait out the appearance of monsters and with the first rays of the sun to continue the construction, mining of resources and other useful things. The bed sets the control point for subsequent revival. If your character dies in the afternoon from falling in lava or from the claws of the zombie, you will find yourself exactly where you were the last time you slept. This will relieve unnecessary troubles of searching for lost things. Also, rest in bed helps to gradually restore health. So, you will again be full of strength for new achievements. In this article, we will analyze in detail the process of creating and using these important items.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

How to make a bed in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a bed in the game, you need only a few simple steps.

Necessary materials:

  • 3 of the unit of wool;
  • 3 blocks of wooden boards of any type.


  • Step 1. Remove the scissors and trim the wool from the sheep. One sheep gives you from 1 to 3 wool;
  • Step 2. Cut down any trees and get boards from them. 4 boards will come out of one full log;
  • Step 3. Open the workbench and place the boards on the lower row of slots, and the wool – along the upper. Click the craft button and you will get a bed!

How to make a bunk bed

To create a bunk bed in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 2 ready -made single beds;
  • 2 of any building block.

First create one ordinary bed according to the instructions described above. Then put 2 of any block over it (for example, logs). On top of these 2 blocks, install another bed.

Now carefully remove the middle blocks with a shovel. The upper bed will remain hanging in the air above the lower, forming a bunk structure!

If desired, such a bed can be decorated with stairs, fences, flowers and other decorative elements.

How to make a double bed

To create a large double bed, just put 2 ordinary beds next to each other. They will automatically connect to one large bed.

However, keep in mind that you can sleep in such a bed only on one half. It will not work to go to bed at once on both parts.

I hope this advanced instruction will help you create different bed options for your bases and houses in Minecraft!

How to use a bed in Minecraft

To use the bed in Minecraft, you need:

  1. Find a suitable place. The bed occupies 2 blocks in height, so make sure that there is free space above the block where you put it;
  2. Put the bed. Install the bed in the selected place by pressing the block with the right button;
  3. Go to bed on her at night. When the night comes in the game, go to the bed and click on it with the right mouse button. Your character will go to bed.

Result: sleep on the bed will speed up the onset of the morning several times. In addition, this bed will become your death point at death.

Features of the bed in Minecraft

The bed in Minecraft has several interesting features:

  • You can put the bed in the air by removing the blocks under it. She will hang, but you can still sleep on it;
  • You can not install a bed under water initially, but you can flood it after installation. It will turn out to sleep on the bed under water;
  • If you go to bed in the lower world or in an unrest, the bed will explode. To survive at the same time, you need to be completely healthy in iron armor;
  • You can not repaint the bed without installing special mods. She is always red.
  • You can’t lie on other people’s beds, only on those that the player himself set;
  • If mobs appear next to the sleeping player, he will wake up and be able to defend himself.

As you can see, this simple -looking bed is fraught with many interesting secrets! Install it in Minecraft and use all the described capabilities in practice.

We will summarize

So, now we have analyzed in detail how to make ordinary and non -standard beds in Minecraft, as well as how to use this structure correctly.

As you can see, the process of creating a bed is quite simple and takes very little time. However, the presence of its own bed radically changes game experience. Regular rest in bed at night will always remain full of strength and health, quickly transferred through a dangerous night on the morning, and also have a reliable control point for revival.

Beds also open spaciousness for creativity. You can construct entire bedrooms using ordinary and two -tier beds, decorate them with various blocks and objects.

In general, as soon as you place your first bed in Minecraft and evaluate all its advantages, you will no longer want to play without this important element of comfort and safety. Pleasant construction and sweet dreams!

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