How to paint glass in Minecraft

Minecraft provides great opportunities for creativity and creating unique buildings. One of the interesting materials for construction and decoration is multi -colored glass. It can be used to decorate houses, create stained glass, backlight and much more. But how to color the usual colorless glass in Minecraft? There are several ways to do this using dyes or special teams. Let’s figure out how to get a painted glass of any color to embody the most daring design solutions!

How Paint Glass in Minecraft

What are the dyes

For staining glass in Minecraft you need special dyes. The game has 9 types of dyes of different colors:

  1. Black;
  2. Red;
  3. Green;
  4. Brown;
  5. Blue;
  6. Purple;
  7. Turquoise;
  8. Grey;
  9. White.

To create a dye of a certain color, you need to scrap it from different materials. For example, red dye is made of red tulip or poppy. Green dye is obtained from a cactus, and the dark – from the ink bag of a dead octopus. You can also mix existing dyes to get a new shade.

How to get glass for staining

Before dyeing the glass, it needs to be obtained. There are several ways:

  • With the help of a shovel, get sand, put it in a furnace and melt into glass;
  • Find sandy blocks on the map and get glass from them in the same way by remelting;
  • Buy from merchants in villages – usually for 1 emerald you can get up to 10 blocks of glass;
  • Use the command /Give to obtain the desired amount of glass.

Any of these methods will make it enough glass for further staining.

How to paint glass in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

How to Paint Glass in Minecraft-2

To paint the glass with a certain color, you need:

  1. Collect 8 blocks of ordinary glass;
  2. Place them around the perimeter of the craft grid;
  3. In the center of the grid, put 1 dye of the desired color;
  4. Get 8 blocks of painted glass.

Thus, you can paint the glass in any available color using the corresponding dye. This is the easiest way to get colored glass for construction and decoration.

How to get painted glass using commands

There is a simpler way to use special commands to immediately get painted glass. Team format:

  • /give @p mincraft:<Color>_stained_glass
  • Where instead <Color> you need to specify the color in English. For example:
  • /give @p mincraft: red_stained_glass 64

This team will give the player 64 of the red -colored red block.

Thus, using dyes and special teams, you can paint glass in Minecraft in any color for your creative projects! Color glass will create truly colorful buildings and interiors.

We will summarize

So, we analyzed the main methods of staining glass in Minecraft – using dyes in the workbench and using special commands. Color glass opens up great opportunities for creativity and creating beautiful decorative elements. With it, you can decorate the house, build multi -colored stained -glass windows, create a backlight made of painted glass and much more.

Flower combination options are almost an endless set. Experiment, microdes, add patterns from multi -colored glass – and you can embody in the virtual world any of your design ideas! The main thing is do not be afraid to show imagination and creatively approach the work. And you already have all the necessary tools for creating masterpieces from colored glass.

Pleasant construction and creation of unique interiors in Minecraft using multi -colored glass!

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