How to make a bucket in Minecraft

A bucket in Minecraft is at first glance a regular item, but if you look closely, this is real magic. This magic container can accommodate a variety of substances: from ordinary water to molten metal. And today I will reveal the secret of creating this artifact. You will find out what materials are needed for craft and where to get magical ingredients. Forward, behind adventure and magic! In this article I will tell you how to make a bucket in Minecraft, as well as describe various ways of using it. A Step-by-step guide will help even beginners to easily create this important equipment and effectively apply it in practice.

How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft

How to make a bucket in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a bucket in Minecraft, you will need a workbench and 3 iron ingots. Here are Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Find iron ore and get from it at least 3 iron ingots. To do this, bury deep underground and look for iron ore. Then place the ore in the furnace and buy it to get the ingots;
  2. Make a workbench. To do this, you need 4 boards and 2 wooden bar. If you already have a workbench, you can immediately start the next step:
  1. Place 3 iron ingots in a workbench:
    • 2 ingots in the side slots of the central row;
    • 1 ingot in the lower central slot.
  2. Take the finished bucket from the output slot workshop.

How to Make a Bucket in Minecraft-2

Using a bucket

A bucket in Minecraft has many applications. Here are the main ones:

  1. Transfer of liquids.
    • Water – use a bucket to collect water from the reservoir and pour it to another place;
    • Lava – carefully dial the lava with a bucket and transfer;
    • Milk – go to the cow or goat and click on them with a bucket in your hand with a bucket in your hand. The bucket will be filled with milk.
  2. Breathing under water.
    • Fill a bucket with water and press it with the right mouse button when you are under water. This will allow you to breathe under water for a while.
  3. The transfer of loose snow.
    • Use a bucket to choose and transfer loose snow to another place.
  4. Transportation of water mobs.
    • Use a bucket to catch and transfer fish, tadpoles and other water mobs.
  5. Creating endless water sources.
    • Place a bucket of water next to an empty bucket. Click on a full bucket – water is “cloned” in an empty bucket, allowing you to create an endless source.
  6. Building the portal to the lower world.
    • Use 10 buckets of lava and 1 bucket of water to build a portal without obsidian

Here are the main ways to use this useful item in Minecraft. Experiment and find even more applications for a bucket!


So, now we analyzed in detail how to make a bucket in Minecraft – from the search for the necessary materials to the finished item. As you can see, this is a fairly simple recipe, already available at the initial stage of the game. I also listed the main ways to use this indispensable subject. Thanks to the bucket, you can work effectively with liquids, transfer useful materials, catch sea mobs and solve many other problems. I especially want to note the possibility of creating endless water sources – this can be very useful for irrigation of farms, filling ponds and decorative reservoirs. Also, using the buckets of lava and water, you can build a portal in the lower world, which will greatly simplify the equipment for travel. In general, a bucket is a must-have item for any experienced player in Minecraft. Be sure to make it as soon as possible and experiment it using this multifunctional tool. I am sure you will find a lot of useful applications for him.

This ends my Step-by-step guide to create and use a bucket in Minecraft. I hope this information turned out to be useful and will help you in the game. Good luck and a pleasant trip through the vast expanses of blocks!

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