How to find biomas in Minecraft

In this article we will talk about what ways you can find a specific biom in the boundless space of Minecraft. We will consider both manual search using flights on the elite and the use of special online tools to quickly determine the coordinates of targeted biomes. So, if you have long dreamed of finding snowy mountains for building a fort, marshy swamps for a farm of sharp -flowers or almaz deposits, this article will help to navigate in a vast game world. Let’s take a look at Step-by-step search algorithms so that you certainly do not get lost among the jungle, deserts and dense forests of Minecraft.

How to find biomes in minecraft

How to find biomes in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

Minecraft is famous for its huge, almost endless world, filled with a variety of biomes. Finding the desired biom to build a base, resources or adventure is not easy. In this Step-by-step guide, we will tell you how to find specific bioms in Minecraft quickly and without unnecessary effort!

Step 1. Determine what biomes you need.

Minecraft has more than 60 unique biomes – from snowy tundra to hot jungle. Their features, resources and the animal world make each biom unique.

Start by determining which 2-3 bioms are best suited for your purposes – whether it is the construction of a base, farm, ore mining or mob hunting.

For example:

  1. Plateau – for the construction of the base;
  2. Dark forest – for collecting wood;
  3. Swamps – for collecting diamonds.

Step 2. Fly for reconnaissance. Equip your character with a stack and an eclog for flights. Go to long sorties in one direction until the biom. The height and relief of the terrain will help to find unique bioms: mountains, valleys, hills, plains and islands.

Step 3. Look at a certain height.

Many biomas are located at a specific height above sea level:

  • Mushroom islands – from y = 90 to y = 160;
  • Mountains – above y = 256;
  • Plains – from y = 72 to y = 128.

Rising and dropping, you increase the chances of stumble upon a new biom!

How to find biomes in Minecraft through a search system

The system of searching for bioms in Minecraft is a convenient option for quick searching for the desired location and coordinates. Consider the main steps to use this tool:

  1. Find the folder with the preserved worlds of Minecraft and copy the sid of the desired world;
  2. Go to Chunkbase or Amidst and enter SID;
  3. Indicate the Minecraft version (1.15, 1.16 and t.D.);
  4. Select the level of scale for generating the world map;
  5. In the settings, select the biomas of interest to you for search;
  6. Carry out on the map and you will see the coordinates of biomes in the game.

Thus, the search engine will give you the exact location of target biomes in your particular world of Minecraft for their quick visit.

Of course, the list of biomes may differ in different versions of Minecraft. Therefore, follow the online game option chosen when generating a card.


So, we examined the two main ways to find the necessary bioms in the vast world of Minecraft – manually using flights on the elite and through special online services like Chunkbase. The first option is suitable for players who prefer an adventure approach – fly over the expanses, looking for changes in the landscape and height to stumble upon a rare biom. And online cards will speed up the search by instantly giving out the coordinates of any selected place in your particular world. It saves a lot of time! In both cases, you will definitely find what you were looking for – let it be immense red mushroom jungle or snowy peaks of rocky mountains. Forward, towards new adventures in Minecraft!

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