How to tame a lama in Minecraft

Lams in Minecraft are one of the most unusual and interesting creatures in the world of Minecraft. These cute animals with a long neck and fluffy wool are found in some biomes and can be tamed by players. The tamed lama becomes a devoted companion, which follows the owner and helps him. The ability to tame the lames is a useful game skill for any Minecraft. Having mastered it, you can get a living inventory, transport and a defender in one person. Tamed lamas can carry things, transport the player in the area and even protect from some mobs. In this article, we will consider in detail how to find and tame a lama in Minecraft. You will find out where to look for these animals, how to gain their trust and make you follow yourself. We will also study the advantages that a tamed lama gives, and interesting facts about these creatures. So, let’s get down!

How to Tame a Llama in Minecraft

How to tame a lama – Step-by-step guide

  1. Find the lama in certain biomes, such as mountains, plains, savannah, desert or taiga;
  2. Slowly go to the lama so as not to scare her;
  3. Lam the lamas wheat or hay to gain her trust and make you approach you;
  4. Try to saddle the lama, going up to it and clicking on the PKM;
  5. Continue to feed the lama and try to saddle her until she is tamed;
  6. Equip the tamed lama with a chest, going up to it with a chest in your hand and pressing the PKM.

What gives a taming lama

Lama taming in Minecraft gives several advantages:

  • Increased mobility. By taming Lama at Minecraft, the player can easily overcome long distances, not worrying that he would end in endurance or hostile mobs will attack him. This saves time and effort in the study of new territories or transportation of goods;
  • Collection of resources. Lams can be equipped with chests for carrying additional resources, which makes them useful for collecting materials such as wood, stone and ore. This will help to simplify the process of collecting resources and make it more effective;
  • Trade. In Minecraft, lamas can be used as pack animals for transporting goods for trading with villagers or other players. This will help to get additional resources and expand the player’s inventory;
  • Decoration. Tamed lamps can be decorated with multi -colored carpets and banners to give a decorative view of the base or player farm. This will help to personalize the player’s world and make it more visually attractive;
  • Fun and entertainment. Lama taming in Minecraft can deliver players a lot of pleasure and entertainment, because they will interact with the new animal companion and take care of it. Lams can entertain and give pleasure, following the player and performing various tasks.

Interesting facts about lamas

Here are a few curious facts about lamas in Minecraft:

  • Lams can spit enemies, applying 1 unit of damage. Even tamed lamas will spit if they attack them;
  • If you tie the lamas with a leash to other lamas, you can create a caravan of 10 lamas, which will follow the player;
  • Wolves are afraid of lamas and will run away from them. Lams sometimes attack wolves if they see nearby;
  • Lamam cannot be controlled by the top. They move randomly, even being saddened;
  • Lams of merchants have a unique coloring of the carpet, which cannot be obtained in a different way;
  • The cubs of the lamas at 50% inherit the appearance of one of the parents;
  • The maximum power of the lama is 5. Strength affects the size of the inventory;
  • Lamp cannot be equipped with objects until it is tamed;
  • Laming feeding accelerates the growth of cubs and increases the chance of taming.

Turning the lamas in Minecraft, you will get a useful companion. Follow the above tips to get your own llama.


So, now you know everything about how to tame these charming long -haired creatures in Minecraft. The process may seem difficult, but it’s worth it. After all, lamas can become your devoted satellites for long adventures in the block of the block. Wandering the biomes in search of these fluffy weapons, you will feel like a real trainer. And when you finally manage to make friends with the llama and saddle it, you will feel like a great conqueror of camelic creatures. So do not miss the chance to get such an exotic companion! The tamed lama will make your wanderings in Minecraft much more exciting and productive. And it’s just nice to have such a sweet creature nearby, is it true?

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