How to find diamonds in Minecraft

Diamonds in Minecraft – the dream of any player. But how to safely get to the deposits of diamonds in Minecraft, get them and return back with prey? Read our article to find out the answers to these and other questions. Next, we will consider in detail the optimal methods of searching for diamonds, methods of effective production and useful tips for beginner prospectors. With our instructions you will quickly find deposits of these precious stones and you can crawl powerful objects from them!

How to find diamonds in minecraft

How to quickly find diamonds in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

Diamonds are one of the most valuable resources in Minecraft. They allow you to create the most durable tools, weapons and armor. But how to quickly find these rare treasures? Let’s look at the Step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Prepare the necessary resources.

Before you go in search of diamonds, make sure you have:

  1. Iron Kirk – It will be required for the extraction of diamond ore. Cracks from 3 iron ingots and 2 sticks;
  2. Bed – Your Renaissance Point at Death. It is made of 3 boards and 3 wool;
  3. Torches to cover the dungeons. 1 torch = 1 stick + 1 coal/charcoal;
  4. Chests for storing found resources. Crawl from 8 boards;
  5. Ore. Consists of 8 cobblestones;
  6. Crap for crafting. 4 boards;
  7. Door to your base. 6 boards;
  8. The supply of wood. About 2 glasses of logs;
  9. Food to restore health. Several raw meat steaks.

Step 2. Go down to a depth of 5-12 blocks.

Diamonds are found at an altitude of 5-16 blocks from the surface. Optimal level – 5-12. To find out your coordinates, click F3. Move down zigzag is so as not to fall into an unexpected cave.

Step 3. Build an underground base.

Dig a 3x5x5 -minimum shelter minimum. Place a bed, chests, furnace and other items there. Hang torches for lighting.

Step 4. Dig the main tunnel.

The cereal of a straight tunnel of 2×2 blocks and a minimum of 20 blocks from the base. Put torches every 10 blocks.

Step 5. Dig side tunnels.

From the main tunnel of the cerea perpendicular side tunnels with a length of 20+ blocks. Make them a few blocks from each other.

Step 6. Connect the side tunnels.

Connect the neighboring side tunnels, creating the expansion of the main move. There you can find diamonds.

Step 7. Repeat the extensions.

Repeat this technique, gradually lengthening the main tunnel. So you check the larger area of walls and ceiling.

Using diamonds in Minecraft

As soon as you get the first diamonds, how best to use them? Here are a few options:

  1. Diamond armor. The most durable in the game. She will reliably protect mobs from attacks. Craft will need:
  • Helmet – 5 diamonds;
  • Bib – 8 diamonds;
  • Fighting – 7 diamonds;
  • Boots – 4 diamonds.
  1. Diamond sword. Causes great damage and does not break for a long time. Comprises:
  • 2 diamonds;
  • 1 sticks.

Great weapons for battles and hunting mobs.

  1. Diamond tools. From them you can make:
  • Kirk – 3 diamonds + 2 sticks;
  • Shovel – 1 diamond + 2 sticks;
  • Ax – 3 diamonds + 2 sticks.

With them, resource mining will become much faster.

  1. Diamond block. 1 diamond turns into 1 diamond block. This is the most durable building material in Minecraft. Incorrect structures can be built from it.
  2. Trade. You can exchange diamonds for other valuable resources of NPC villages or players on the server.

Councils on the effective extraction of diamonds

To extract as many diamonds as possible, adhere to these tips:

  • Use explosives to quickly dig tunnels;
  • Look for diamonds next to lava at 10 and below;
  • Visit underground fortresses, there are often chests with diamonds;
  • Encourage Kirk with efficiency to increase chances;
  • Search the desert temples, especially the dungeons;
  • Return to the surface when an enderman appears;
  • Dig in ravines, moving diagonally down;
  • Keep the coordinates on the screen to see the desired level;
  • Be prepared to close the streams of lava with blocks
  • Take spare iron pickles;
  • Follow the appearance of hostile mobs.

We will summarize

So, now you know everything about how to extract these rare treasures of Minecraft – Diamonds. Armed with the knowledge gained, you are ready to equip an expedition and go to your first real prospecting adventure. Imagine how, descending deep under the ground with a pickle at the ready, you suddenly see the shine of the diamond in the tunnel wall in the light of the torch. Your heart begins to fight more often, while you carefully release the gem from the breed. Its faces shimmer like stars in the night sky. Now this diamond is yours, and from it you can create something truly unique and powerful! Perhaps it will be a sword capable of plunging a dragon with one blow? Or a chirus that destroys any material in a fraction of a second? Or maybe you will come up with something completely new, unprecedented? In any case, you will find exciting discoveries and unforgettable adventures. And everything will start from the moment you find your first diamond. So rather on the road, a courageous prospector. Good luck in search of the legendary Treasures of Minecraft!

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