How to make a department in Minecraft

Minecraft provides players with a unique opportunity not only to build and fight, but also to create written books. They can be used to record stories, diaries, as well as useful information in the game. But what if you want to collect a whole library of books or share your friends? A special block will help you with this – the department.

This item is intended specifically to work with books – their storage, reading and exchange. Using the department, you can easily organize a home library or bookstore for book exchange. To create this useful device, you need to collect several materials correctly. Let’s figure out what and how the department crashes. This will help you diversify your gameplay and open new facets of interaction with the world of Minecraft.

How to Make a Pulpit in Minecraft

How to make a department – Step-by-step guide

To make the department in Minecraft, you need:

  1. Collect the necessary materials – 4 wooden boards and 1 bookcase;
  2. Open a workbench and place wooden boards in the upper row, a bookcase – in the center and another board in the lower row, under a bookcase;
  3. Get the finished department.

How to Make a Pulpit in Minecraft-2

What is the department for

The main purpose of the department is storage and joint reading of books. You can put any book written in the game on it. Several players can simultaneously read one book placed on the department, without taking it to the inventory.

The main functions of the department:

  • Storage of books. You can place any written book on the department in order to save it;
  • Joint reading. Several players can simultaneously read the same book placed in the department, without taking it to the inventory;
  • Book exchange. Using the department, players can exchange books with each other;
  • The workplace of the librarian. If an unemployed resident of the village is near the department, he can become a librarian and exchange enchanted books.

Interesting facts about the department

  • The department was added to the Minecraft game in update 1.14 called lectern. This block was conceived for a very long time by the developer Jeb (Dinnerboon) as a way to improve work with books;
  • It was originally planned that the department would not only read books, but also edit them right in the game. However, this idea was not implemented for technical reasons. I had to limit myself to only the reading function;
  • The department can send Redstone signals when leafing through the pages of the book;
  • Despite the usefulness, the department is rarely used due to the complexity of craft.

Perhaps over time, developers will simplify the process of creating the department or add a new useful functionality for it. In the meantime, this is a niche, but an interesting element of the game Minecraft.

We will summarize

So, we dismantled the process of creating the department – a unique block in Minecraft designed to work with books. Although the craft of the department requires fairly rare materials like a bookcase, it definitely worth mastering it. The department opens up a lot of new opportunities for working with written information inside Minecraft. With the help of the department, you can create full -fledged libraries for storing books in one place. Several players can simultaneously read books from the department. Also, the department allows you to organize the exchange of books between players.

The department will be especially useful for those who like to write their own books in Minecraft. With the help of the department, you can exchange your literary masterpieces and share a lorus or useful information with other players. So if you want to diversify your gameplay in Minecraft, be sure to master the craft of the department. This small block can greatly enrich your interaction with the world of Minecraft!

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