How to make a hatch in Minecraft

Today we will reveal one of the most mysterious and fascinating secrets of Minecraft. We will talk about the mysterious block hiding the secret passages, dungeons and noble treasures. Yes, friends, we will teach you how to make hatches in Minecraft. These cunning designs will allow you to create secret rooms, secret bases and even whole underground cities. Such unique blocks can be used as blades, traps and decorative elements. 

Open your inner columbus, go down to the very bowels of Minecraft and build an amazing world underground! Our instruction will reveal all the secrets of creating hatches. In this article, we will analyze in detail how to create a hatch in Minecraft. Following this short leadership, you will quickly master the creation of hatches and discover the many creative capabilities of this block.

How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft

How to make a hatch in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

Necessary materials:

  • 6 wooden boards. You can use any boards such as oak, spruce, birch and so on;
  • Crafting table.

How to scrap an ordinary hatch:

  1. Open the workbench; 
  2. Place 6 wooden boards in the following order: 3 wooden boards in the middle row of craft nets and 3 more wooden boards right above them, in the lower row. This will create 2 hatches;
  3. Move the obtained hatches to the inventory.

How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft-2

How to make an iron hatch

Iron hatches are a great option for creating reliable structures and traps.

In order to make them required:

  • Crafting table;
  • 4 iron ingots.

To create an iron hatch:

  1. Open the workbench;
  2. Put 2 iron ingots in the middle and lower row of a craft grid. As a result, you will get 1 iron hatch.

How to Make a Trapdoor in Minecraft-3

How hatches are used

The only way to place the hatch is to place it along the edge of the solid block. Around it you can place blocks. Open the hatch by clicking on it with the right mouse button. He will swing against the block to which attached. If the hard block is destroyed, the hatch will continue to swim where it was installed. There are two orientations of the placement of the hatch:

  1. Oriented from below: occupies the lower half of the block to which attached. Opens up;
  2. Oriented from above: occupies the upper half of the block to which attached. Open down.

Hatches do not burn, do not pass liquids and do not let rain/snow pass. However, the light passes through them. They can be moved using pistons, even if the piston pushes the hatch up when it is oriented upward.

The advantages of hatches:

  • Prevent unauthorized enemies access;
  • Help to control and prevent water leaks, snow;
  • Can be used as a counter;
  • Pass natural light;
  • Do not block the signals of red stones.

Interesting Facts

  • When the block to which the hatch is attached will be destroyed, the hatch itself will also break;
  • The construction of bridges from hatches over lava flows can become a unique and effective protective mechanism for your castle or base. Enemies may not understand that they are trapped until it is too late;
  • Wooden hatches can be found at the entrance to the basement under the needle. This gives the structure realism and can become a funny find for players studying the world;
  • Hatches are also part of the design of sunken ships in the game. This part adds immersion to the process of studying sunken ships and gives realism to the world;
  • Hatches are naturally generated in villages as part of the decor. They can be found on houses, buildings and other buildings in the village, which adds the general aesthetics of the village environment.

We will summarize

So, we dismantled the Step-by-step creation of the hatch in Minecraft. This useful block can be used in many ways – to prevent falling, creating traps and protecting against intrusions. Hatches are easy to manufacture, but open great opportunities for creativity. They allow you to make a bridge over the lava, a secret hole in the house or even a whole system of lifts. Experiment with the location of the hatches, open them with levers or red stone. Combine them with other blocks and mechanisms. So you can create complex designs and original architectural solutions. In general, this is a very useful tool for creativity in Minecraft. Now, having studied this guide, you know everything you need to create hatches. Try to put this knowledge into practice and give free rein to the construction of your worlds!

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