How to change the weather in Minecraft

Weather in the world of Minecraft plays an important role, creating a unique atmosphere and affecting many elements of the gameplay. But what if the player wants to control the elements and call the necessary weather conditions? In this article, we will analyze in detail what types of weather exist in Minecraft, how they affect the world and how to influence the weather using special teams. We will find out under what weather conditions it is better to go in search of resources, and when you should sit at home. We will figure out how to stop the boring rain or call lightning in a certain place. And, of course, we will study a lot of interesting facts about the “weather cuisine” Minecraft! So, let’s get down.

How to Change the Weather in Minecraft

How to change the weather – guide

Possession of weather management skills will help make the game more diverse and comfortable. Rain, snow, thunderstorms will cease to be an irritating obstacle, and will become a tool for the embodiment of the most daring plans. To change the weather in Minecraft, you can use the following commands that are entered into the chat after pressing the key t:

  • /Weather Clear – stop current rain or snowfall;
  • /Weather Clear 1200 – stops precipitation for 20 minutes (1200 seconds);
  • /Gamerule Downeathercycle FALSE – completely disconnects the change of weather in the world;
  • /Gamerule Downloadhercycle True – again includes a dynamic change in weather;
  • /Weather rain – it starts to rain if the temperature allows;
  • /Weather Rain 1200 – launches rain for 20 minutes;
  • /Weather Thunder – a thunderstorm with rain and lightning begins;
  • /Weather Thunder 1200 – Thunderstorm for 20 minutes;

After entering the command in the chat, confirmation will appear, for example, “clear weather is set”.

The impact of weather

The following types of weather are possible in Minecraft:

  • Clear – clear sky without precipitation;
  • Rain – rain loss that extinguishes the fire and gets wet the player;
  • Snow – snowfall instead of rain in cold biomes;
  • Thunderstorm – rain with thunder and lightning, lightning transform mobs;

Each type of weather in its own way affects the gameplay:

  • Rain and snow reduce lighting in the world, up to complete darkness in the afternoon;
  • During the rain, objects and mobs stop burning, the lava goes out;
  • Snow accumulates in layers on blocks, gradually covering the surface;
  • Rain increases the chances of catching fish during fishing;
  • Lightning can turn the creeper into a charged creeper, and the pigment in zombies;
  • Snow freezes water, turning it into ice;
  • Village residents hide in homes during the rain.

Interesting facts about the weather in Minecraft

  • If you rise above the clouds in a creative, then the rain will go directly above them;
  • The speed of falling drops of rain is almost as well as the player in flight;
  • Lightning is generated by the game code and do not interact with some objects;
  • In Bedrock Edition, much more lightning hits the player due to calculation features;
  • The sound of thunder is heard in a radius of 160,000 blocks from the place of lightning;
  • At the same time, several lightning can hit one mob;
  • If you rise very high, then rain drops become long and change color.


So, we examined in detail what weather phenomena are possible in the world of Minecraft, how they affect the gameplay and how a player can control the weather using special teams. The weather is an important aspect of the game Minecraft, significantly affecting lighting, distribution of fires, mob behavior, plant growth rate and many other gameplay elements. Different types of weather create a unique atmosphere and change the conditions of survival in the world. Control of weather phenomena gives the player additional opportunities to form a game space. 

Using special commands, you can call the desired type of weather at any time or turn off its dynamic shift. This allows you to create a certain atmosphere, prevent unwanted effects like floods due to rain, as well as adapt conditions for specific goals.

Knowledge of various features of weather phenomena, such as the influence of lightning on mobs or snow properties to accumulate in layers, will help players better navigate the world of Minecraft and use weather conditions for their benefit. For example, arrange mobs during a thunderstorm or use snow to quickly create protective structures and traps.

The skillful use of all this knowledge and weather management skills opens up new opportunities for the players with the world of Minecraft. The weather ceases to be just a background, but becomes a tool for the implementation of the most daring ideas!

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