How to make a door to Minecraft

Doors – one of the most important elements of any structure in Minecraft. Without reliable doors, your house will never be truly cozy and protected. A good door performs several functions at once. Firstly, it provides protection against unwanted guests – mobs that are activated at night. The closed door will not let them get inside and harm you or your pets. Secondly, the door allows you to create a certain atmosphere in the house, give it completeness as a full structure. After all, it is difficult to imagine a real house or building without the front door, is it true? And of course, doors in Minecraft can be used not only for functional, but also for decorative purposes. Creating interesting architectural solutions, playing with the textures of materials. Let’s figure out what doors are in Minecraft, from which materials they can be made, how to place and use them correctly. This knowledge will necessarily be useful to you to create the perfect shelter from the dangers of the night world Minecraft!

How to Make a Door in Minecraft

How to make a simple wooden door

To make a simple wooden door to Minecraft, you will need:

  • 6 boards;
  • Crafting table.

First cut down a few trees and get the wood blocks from them. Then place the wood blocks into a workbench to turn them into boards.

The door is done as follows: place 6 boards in a layout in two columns of a mesh of 3 boards (the second and third column of the craft grid).

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How to create a metal door

You will need to create a metal door:

  • 6 parts of iron;
  • Crafting table.

To get iron ingots, you can:

  1. Create them from iron blocks;
  2. Melt the ingots from iron ore in the furnace.

As soon as you have 6 pieces of iron, place them in a layout in 2 columns of 3 ingots. This will be a metal door!

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How to use doors correctly

To install the door, go to the desired opening and click on the door with the right mouse button. The door will attach to the nearest block from you. If you put 2 doors nearby, you will get double doors. To automate the opening of the doors, you can use pressure plates and red stone levers. Please note that the iron doors cannot be opened manually – only with the help of mechanisms. This is reliable protection against mobs. Any doors are set to the openings for complete opaque blocks. In this case, the door should be turned the face to the player, that is, for installation you need to be outside the room.

If you destroy the block under the door, the door will also collapse and turn back into an object.

Liquids do not flow through the open doors and do not wash off the doors themselves.

Useful tips

  • Place the pressing slabs for automation of doors only indoors;
  • Wooden doors are better to additionally protect with iron.
  • For iron doors, use a red stone;
  • With the knock of a zombie in a wooden door – kill them before they break it.

Interesting facts about doors

  • Through open double doors you can swim on a boat;
  • If you close the door, standing inside it, then the player will be inside the door. From there you can go out in any direction, including jumping;
  • You can walk along the upper edge of the door;
  • The door can be used as a staircase resistant to mobs;
  • Sometimes half-doors are found due to the overlap of natural structures;
  • Doors can be placed on inverted slabs and steps;
  • Through the “windows” in the doorway in old versions you can put and break the blocks;
  • Doors pass the light;
  • Iron doors cannot be broken down by mobs;
  • With the destruction of the upper part of the iron door, the lower remains in place;
  • A acacia door is considered the best wooden door, as it has more “windows”;
  • When the door is destroyed in creative mode, it turns back into an object;
  • The animation of the broken door continues, even if you kill the zombies.

We will summarize

So, we dismantled the main types of doors to Minecraft – wooden and iron, examined how to create and use them. Now you know that wooden doors are easier to manufacture, but less durable. Iron doors – a reliable protection that cannot be broken down by mobs. In addition, we learned about the features of door installation, automation using mechanisms and interesting facts about these objects in Minecraft. This knowledge will help you make perfect doors to protect your buildings and increase comfort in the house. Pleasant construction work for you and a successful game!

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