How to make a cake in Minecraft

Who does not like sweet? And the cake is a treat, which cannot be abandoned. You can also bake the cake in Minecraft! This is not easy, but the result is worth it. Today we will consider how to make a cake in Minecraft. We will find out what ingredients are needed and how to get hold of them. Let’s tell you how to bake a cake and how to use it correctly. And at the same time we will learn curious facts about cakes in this popular game. So let’s get down!

How to make a cake in mincraft

How to make a cake – Step-by-step guide

To make a delicious cake in Minecraft, you will need a lot of effort. Beginner players may seem difficult to collect all the necessary ingredients. But if you follow the instructions, then getting the desired dessert will be completely easy.

So, to prepare a cake in Minecraft, you need:

  • 3 buckets of milk;
  • 2 sugar;
  • 1 egg;
  • 3 wheat.

How to get milk? Milk can be obtained from cows. To do this, it is necessary to breed cows on a special farm. Cows need to be regularly fed with wheat so that they give milk. When pressing a cow with a bucket in the hand from it, you can make milk. One cow gives 1 bucket of milk.

Where sugar comes from? Sugar reed is a special item in Minecraft from which you can get sugar. Plant reeds on wet ground. A warm climate and water are required for reeds. The ripened reed can be collected and processed in sugar in a stove or workbench.

Where to find eggs? Eggs must be mined from chickens. This requires a chicken coop and breed chickens. Chickens themselves lay eggs if suitable conditions are created for them. Sometimes you can find eggs in the nests of wild chickens in the forest.

How to grow wheat? Wheat is grown in the fields and beds. To plant wheat, you need wheat seeds. One stem grows from one seed. Wonder and light are needed for wheat growth. When the wheat matures, it can be assembled and used for cooking and other purposes.

So, when all the necessary ingredients are collected:

  1. Put a workbench;
  2. In the first row we put 3 buckets of milk;
  3. In the second row we put from left to right: sugar, egg, sugar;
  4. In the third row we put 3 wheat;
  5. Click the “Create” button and get a ready -made appetizing cake!

How to use a cake in Minecraft

Having received the long -awaited cake to Minecraft, we must use it correctly.

Unlike other food, a cake is not at once from an inventory. First you need to place it in the world. To do this, put a cake on any full block or on the upper half -block.

As soon as the cake is located, you can proceed to the meal. Press the cake with the right mouse button. With each press, a small piece is bitten off from the cake, there are 7 of them in total. Each piece replenishes 1 unit of hunger. After the last 7th piece has been eaten, the cake completely disappears. An important point – cakes cannot be put in piles! Each cake will occupy a separate slot in the inventory. Another useful feature is that several players can share a cake at once. For example, you put a large cake at a birthday party. And all friends can sit around and get used to it, in turn, pressing the cake with the right mouse button. The cake will decrease until it disappears completely.

Interesting facts about cakes in Minecraft

Cakes in Minecraft have some unusual properties:

  • The width of the cake is 7⁄8 of the block. This allows the player to stand on the very edge of the block without falling;
  • The cake can protect from falling blocks. If, for example, gravel falls on it, the cake will not break, like from a torch;
  • You can place one cake right on the other. Moreover, if there is a lower cake, the upper will disappear;
  • The sound of the installation of a cake is the same as when installing wool;
  • If you put a cake over the bed, then during sleep it will be visible above your head;
  • From the cakes you can build a staircase, placing them at each level of blocks of 1 piece;
  • When a player holds a cake in his hand, he looks like an object. But the texture of the cake is both in the Blocks folder and in the Items folder;
  • If you put the cake on the ice, then when walking along it there will be a sliding effect, like on ice.

Thus, a cake in Minecraft is a very interesting item with its unique features. To get a cake, you need to work hard – build a farm, breed animals. But the result is worth it – a delicious cake that you can enjoy alone or treat your friends!


So, we figured out how to bake and eat a cake in Minecraft. Of course, to get the necessary ingredients, you will need to work hard. But the result is worth! A cake is not only a delicious dessert, but also a great occasion to collect friends at a sweet table. After all, you can share a cake together. And if you put it before the birthday of a friend, this will be a great surprise. So the cake in Minecraft is not just food, but a whole event and holiday.

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