How to make a goal in Minecraft

Minecraft gives space for creativity – here you can build any incredible structures and mechanisms. And one of the most interesting possibilities of this sandbox are golems. These are creatures that a player can create independently from different materials. They can perform useful functions – protect the base, collect resources, revive cities.

But how to create your ideal goal in Minecraft? What are their species and what they can? Let’s figure it out!

How to make a golem in minecraft

What are golems in Minecraft

Golems in Minecraft are creatures that a player can create from various blocks. Golems are friendly and help the player in various tasks, as well as hostile and dangerous.

The main types of golems in Minecraft:

  • Iron Golem is the strongest and most useful type of golem created from iron blocks. Has 100 health points. Protects the player and residents of the villages from attacks by zombies, skeletons, crepees and other dangerous mobs.
  • Snow Golem – a less durable golem created from snow blocks. Has 4 health points. Can create traces from snow blocks on the ground when moving.
  • Pumpkin Golem is a hostile golem that arises when a player puts a pumpkin on his head. Causes damage when attacking.
  • Iron Golem-Rogo is a rare type of iron golem that is hostile and attacks the player.
  • Wooden golem – unofficial modified gole, created using mods.

How to make a goal in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

The process of creating a goal consists of the following steps:

Iron Golem

You will need to create an iron golem:

  • 36 iron blocks (4 piles of 9 ingots);
  • 1 pumpkin.


  1. Create 36 iron blocks, this will require 324 iron ingots;
  2. Place 4 iron blocks in the open space in the form of the letter “t” – two below, two on top;
  3. Place the pumpkin from above in the center, on the upper block “t”. Install it manually;
  4. Iron golem will appear automatically a few seconds after installing the pumpkin.

Snow Golem

You will need to create a snow golem:

  • 2 snow block;
  • 1 pumpkin or Jack lamp.


  1. Place 2 snow blocks in open areas on each other;
  2. Place Jack’s pumpkin or lamp from above in the center;
  3. Snow Golem will appear immediately after installing a pumpkin or lamp.

Golem functions in Minecraft

Golems in Minecraft can:

  • Protect the player and villages from enemies. Iron and snowy golems will attack hostile mobs, causing damage and distracting them from the player;
  • Automate processes. For example, a snowy golem can automatically create a trace of snow blocks when moving around the area;
  • Collect and move objects. Iron golem selects the dropped objects and attributes them to the specified place of storage;
  • Decorate for buildings. For example, fixed golems can be part of the exterior of the castle;
  • Defend a certain territory and stand on guard. Iron golem can guard the entrance to the player base.

Thus, golems are very useful mechanisms in Minecraft, which help to automate processes, protect the territory and give buildings a unique appearance.

Summing up

So, we examined what the golems in Minecraft are and how they can be created. These amazing mechanisms open up wide opportunities for players. Thanks to golems, you can automate routine processes like mining resources, moving objects or creating snow and ice. Iron and snowy golems will become a reliable protection of your buildings and villages from mob attacks. In addition, golems can be an excellent addition to the architectural design of your castles, fortresses and other buildings, giving them uniqueness and reviving the exterior. The creation of golems is a whole art. Stop and experiment with different materials and designs to create the perfect goal for your purposes. And who knows, maybe in future Minecraft updates there will also appear new types of these useful mechanisms!

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