How to make a fence in minecraft

If you are an avid player of Minecraft, then you probably already know how important it is to have a strong fence to protect your creations and prevent the penetration of unwanted creatures. Fences not only add realism to your virtual world, but also serve as a functional barrier. In this article we will tell you about how to make a fence in minecraft.

How to Build a Fens in Minecraft

How to make a fence in minecraft – Hyde

You will need to create a fence:

  1. 2 sticks;
  2. 4 oak boards;
  3. Connect 2 sticks with 4 oak boards in a craft grid.

As a result, you will get 3 finished fences at once.

This recipe works from the Minecraft version 1.8.

In earlier versions, up to 1.8 inclusive, the recipe for the fence was different:

  • 6 sticks were required;
  • Sticks were made of ordinary boards;
  • When connecting 6 sticks, 2 finished fences were obtained.

How to make a stone fence in minecraft

To make a stone fence in minecraft, follow the following actions:

  1. Collect the cobblestones, breaking them with a pickle;
  2. Open the table and place cobblestones with a vertical line in the middle column of the grid;
  3. The stone fence will be created in the results window to the right of the table;
  4. Take a stone fence from a drawer with results and place it in the inventory;
  5. To put a stone fence, select it on a hot panel and click it with the right mouse button on the block where you want to place it;
  6. Repeat this process to create more stone fences.

How to make an electric fence in minecraft

To make an electric fence in minecraft, follow the following actions:

  1. Place two pillars (blocks for your choice) by highlighting the place where you want to install the fence;
  2. Dig one block under each pillar and place the dust of red stone in them;
  3. Dig the two blocks from the first pillar to the next;
  4. Near the first block, put the distributor on both sides;
  5. Fill the handler with a potion of instant damage (use a pipette or chest to place the potion inside);
  6. Cover the area with dirt or any block of your choice;
  7. Put iron rods on top of the pillars;
  8. In the lower part of the fence, set a gate or hooks for wires;
  9. Connect the fences with twine or wire.

When the player steps on the twine or wire, the machine is activated and inflicting instant damage (as from the shock). For the machine to work, be sure to activate the red stone chain.

What is the fence in minecraft for

Minecraft’s fence is an integral part of the game and is used in many situations. It is a block that can serve to limit space from mobs or is used as a decorative element.

One of the most common applications for the fence in Minecraft is to use it as a fence for enclosing space. This allows you to create your territory and protect it from hostile mobs or random passers -by.

In addition, the fence can be used to build a roof or even as a table on which you can put various objects using pressure plates.

Another interesting use of the fence is to use it as a chandelier. By putting a luminous stone on the fence, you can create original lighting that will look very beautiful and attractive.

The fence can also serve as a window in your building, allowing you to penetrate light and air. This gives your construction additional functionality and aesthetic attractiveness.

One of the main advantages of the fence in Minecraft is that arrows do not pass through it. Thus, the fence can be used as additional protection against hostile creatures. However, it should be remembered that the fence does not just allow to jump over it. If you need to go to the other side, you will have to use a jumping potion or break a fence and put it again.

Fences can also be connected to each other to create a fence around your territory. They can also be used to install torches to illuminate your territory and ensure safety during the night.

Remember that fences are not only functional structures, they can also serve to improve the aesthetics of your creations in minecraft. So give free rein to the imagination, collect the necessary materials and start building your perfect fence today!

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