How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft

Who would have thought that a straightforward fishing rod can hide so many amazing properties? This simple -looking item is a real find for any experienced player in Minecraft. A fishing rod is capable of not only help in fishing and collecting resources – it will become an indispensable tool for trolling, activation of mechanisms, and sometimes weapons in battle! Yes, this ordinary fishing rod can work real miracles. From catching the rarest artifacts from reservoirs to the reflection of enemy attacks and mob management. You someday used a fishing rod in Minecraft with maximum return? I assure you, you still do not know all its amazing properties! In this detailed manual, I will tell you how to create a fishing rod from scratch and reveal all the secrets of its effective application. You will learn a lot of useful tips, interesting facts and funny experiments! Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of fishing in a new way with Minecraft!

How to make a fishing rod in minecraft

How to make a fishing rod in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a fishing rod in Minecraft, you will need:

  • 2 threads (get, killing spider);
  • 3 sticks (easy to make from any boards on a workbench).

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go behind the workbench;
  2. Lay out 3 sticks in a grid 3×3. Place one stick in the central cell, the second – in the right upper corner, the third in the left lower;
  3. Put 2 coils with a fishing line in 2 lower cells of the extreme right column, under sticks;
  4. As soon as you arrange sticks and a fishing line in the right way, the finished tackle will appear on the right side of the workbench. Just drag it to the inventory.

Using fishing rods in Minecraft

You need to find a pond. It can be a river, a lake or even an endless ocean. The larger the reservoir, the more chances to catch valuable objects. As soon as you found a suitable place, it’s time to throw a fishing rod. Select a fishing rod on the fast access panel and click the right mouse button to throw it into the water. You will see the fishing line lengthened in the depths.

Now the game begins in anticipation. Follow the float or wobbler at the end of the fishing line. He will sway in the water up and down, indicating the interest of the fish. This process requires patience, as it can pass for some time before the fish pecks.

When you see that the float suddenly plunged into the water, it will be a signal to the blow. Press the left mouse button to knead the fish. If you do everything right, you will receive fish and all additional items that she could drop.

Using a fishing rod, you can get: 

  • Rare items such as enchanted books or even additional fishing rods;
  • Edible and useful objects. You can catch various types of fish, including salmon, cod and an needle -breed that can be prepared to replenish food stocks;
  • Bones, saddles (used for riding horses or pigs);
  • Names to indicate tamed pets.

However, not every catch will be valuable. You can also catch different trash, such as skin or old boots. Although these items may not find immediate application, they can be collected or thrown away at their discretion.

Useful tips

  • If you throw a fishing rod towards a mob, such as a pig or a cow, he will reach you. This can be useful if you need to move animals or put them in a certain way;
  • Another useful property of the fishing rod is the ability to activate pressure slabs and cling to the boats. By throwing the fishing rod onto the pressure plate, you can drive all the mechanisms related to it, for example, open doors or activate red stone devices. Similarly, if you throw the fishing rod towards the boat, it will be attached to it and allow you to control its movement;
  • One of the most humorous applications of the fishing rod is its trolling potential. You can throw a fishing rod towards other players, as a result of which the wobble is attached to the model of their character. This can lead to funny and unexpected situations, especially if they try to complete the task or evade enemies;
  • In addition to interactive functions, the fishing rod also performs a protective function. With its help, you can reflect fire balls released by mobs in the bowels. Throwing a fishing rod towards a flying fire ball, you can redirect its trajectory and prevent the entry into you or valuable buildings.

Interesting facts about the fishing rod in Minecraft

  • The fishing rod has a certain strength, it breaks after 30-40 use;
  • With the help of an enchanted book, you can make a “indestructible fishing rod”;
  • In no case should you throw a fishing rod in lava. It will burn and will be destroyed, which will lead to a loss of resources. It is better to avoid using fishing rods in zones filled with lava;
  • A fishing rod cannot be raised from the wall. The attempt to do this will lead to the fact that the picture will break and fall out like an object. If you want to move the paintings, it is recommended to use other tools or just break and replace them;
  • In rare cases, instead of fish, you can catch a ghost or tropical fish;
  • A fishing rod can be controlled by piglets by tying a carrot to it.


Summing up what was said, we note that the fishing rod is a truly unique item with many useful functions. This is not only a tool for fishing, but also a device for obtaining valuable items, as well as activating mechanisms and controlling mobs. Of course, you need to remember the tips for the proper application of the fishing rod to avoid typical errors. But the most important thing is not to be afraid to experiment and try to use it in the most incredible situations! Try to use all the capabilities of fishing rods to the Minecraft to the maximum – and the game will become even more interesting.

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