How to include chases in Minecraft

Have you ever wondered how Minecraft generates your huge worlds? In fact, the game divides the map into many small parts called “champs”. Each of them has a size of 16×16 blocks, and together they make up the whole world. But usually the boundaries between the champs are invisible to create the impression of a single continuous world. In this article I will tell you how to make the borders of the Chanks visible in Minecraft!

How to Enable Chunk Borders in Minecraft

What are champs

Cups are the basic building blocks of worlds in Minecraft. Each champ has a size of 16 x 16 blocks in width and length, and 256 blocks in height, from the lower limit of the world to the sky.

They are generated procedurally when creating a new world or when the player for the first time visits the area. Minecraft generator uses the “seed of the world” to random, but determined to create the contents of each van.

When moving around the world, Minecraft dynamically loads and unloads champs around the player. Usually loaded 25-49 cans. If you turn the settings of the graphics to the maximum, then even more cups will be visible at the same time.

How to enable the borders of the cups in Minecraft 1.19

In Minecraft Java Edition, the borders of the cups can easily be made visible using only two keys:

  • Click F3 to open the debugging screen. In the lower right corner of the screen you will see your current coordinates X, Y and Z;
  • Now, holding F3, press the Glor. This will turn on the Render Chunk Borders mode, which draws blue lines along the borders of each cup;
  • Also on the debugging screen, pay attention to the coordinates “C” for the axes X and Z. They show your displacement inside the current cup. When these values are 0 or 15, then you are on the border itself.

Playing with the borders of Cankov, you can better understand how the world generation in Minecraft occurs. For example, it is now easy to see the seams if two neighboring chinks accidentally generated a little differently. Or find the perfect place for the mobs farm at the junction of several cans. In general, it is a very useful thing for studying the internal “kitchen” Minecraft!

How to enable the borders of the cups in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Unlike Java, in Bedrock Edition (mobile, Windows 10, Xbox and T.D.) there is no direct way to see the frame of the cups. But this can be done indirectly, here’s how:

  1. Open the game settings and find the Graphic Quality option. Put it in Max mode;
  2. Now quickly switch the Graphic Quality between Max and Default several times;
  3. With each switching for a split second, blue lines will blink along the borders.

Another way to determine the borders of the cups in the Bedrock Edition is to view the coordinates of X and Z on the debugging screen, which also opens with the F3 key.

The boundaries pass along the lines where X or Z is multiple. For example, if x = 16, 32, 48, etc.D., So you are on the eastern border of a chamba. Similarly, z multiple 16 means the northern or southern border, depending on the coordinate sign.

Using these small tricks, now you can see the internal structure of the world of Minecraft even in versions of the game where there is no built-in boundaries mode. Useful when constructing various mechanisms, resource extraction and much more!

We will summarize

Seeing the structure of the cans, you can optimize the farms of mobs and resource pharma, placing them on borders for maximum efficiency. This will also help when creating portals to the lower world – they must be done on the border of a chunk.

In addition, knowledge of the location of the chases is indispensable for large construction projects. You can plan buildings and a landscape to hide ugly seams between champs or vice versa – use these seams as the natural boundaries of your building.

Mastering the boundaries mode, many players suddenly realize how the world of Minecraft “from the inside” works. This helps to present the scale of the game and that colossal amount of content, which is hidden for a simple block of blocks at first glance. We can say that seeing champs you literally see a Minecraft matrix!

Well, if you are just curious, turn on the borders of the cups and wander around the world to evaluate the skill of the Mojang generator in creating unique, but at the same time meaningful landscapes. Who knows, maybe you will come across a rare failure or strange generation that will inspire you to new creative projects in Minecraft!

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