How to make a tag in Minecraft

Who would have thought that an ordinary tag could hide so many amazing properties? This plain objective item is able to radically change the gameplay in Minecraft. It allows you to tame mobs, create compact mobile farms and even get funny effects! Yes, we are talking about tags – a unique subject from Minecraft, which few people know about. These magic tags make it possible to rename any mobs, forever changing their attitude. Want to know everything about these amazing objects and learn how to use them with maximum benefit? Then this article is for you. We will tell you how to get tags, the main methods of their application and the most interesting secrets. Read, study and open new faces Minecraft with us.

How to make a tag in minecraft

What is a tag in Minecraft

So, a tag is a special item that allows you to rename mobs in the game. After applying to Moba, the new name will be displayed over his head. This works with most creatures – both neutral and hostile.

The tag can be used for:

  • Taming and personalization of pets;
  • Creating effective mobile farms;
  • Obtaining funny effects from special names;
  • Just for the sake of entertainment – renaming mobs in the game.

How to get a tag in Minecraft

The Birka itself has no craft recipe. You can get it in several ways:

  1. Traveling through various bioms, caves and dungeons, you can stumble upon hidden chests, in which various treasures are stored, including tags. Follow these chests, because valuable and unique objects can be stored in them;
  2. Another way is to use fishing skills. If you are lucky, then sometimes you will come across a tag;
  3. If you prefer a simpler approach, you can also buy a birch from a librarian in exchange for 20 emeralds.

How to use tag in Minecraft

So you have a tag. Let’s figure out how to apply it:

  1. The first step in use – give her a name. To do this, put the tag on the anvil and come up with a suitable name for the mob you want to rename. It can be any name – from creative to descriptive. The main thing is that it be memorable and accurately reflect the essence of the mob;
  2. Hold the renamed tag. After you renamed the mark, take it in the hand. This will allow you to interact with the chosen mob and apply a new name to it;
  3. Click the right mouse button on a mob. Go to the mob you want to rename, and click on it with the right mouse button, holding the renamed tag. This action will instantly apply a new name to MOBU. You will notice that the tag will disappear from your inventory, which says that she successfully completed her task.

It is worth noting that with the help of marks you can rename any mob, including hostile. The exception is only the dragon of the region.

Renaming mobs has useful practical applications. For example, you can create effective mobile farms for resource production without fear of Despown mobs.

In addition, some special names cause funny effects:

  • Dinnerbone, Grumm – turn over the mob model;
  • jeb_ – makes sheep rainbow;
  • Toast – gives rabbits a unique texture;
  • Johnny – forces champions to attack mobs.


Summing up, we note that the tag is a really unique and useful item in Minecraft. It allows you to rename almost any mobs, adding a personalization game and new opportunities. The tag can be obtained by finding in a chest by catching a bait or buying from NPC. Before use, it should be renamed by an anvil. The main scenarios of the use of tags are the creation of compact mobile farms, taming and customization of pets, obtaining interesting effects from special names (models, rainbow colors). Renaming applies to all mobs except the dragon of the region. Experiment with different names and open new opportunities along with tags. As you can see, this is a great tool for experienced players. Good luck in the study of all faces of Minecraft!

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