How to make an anvil in Minecraft

You just started playing Minecraft and you think that crafting is just folding blocks in the inventory? You are mistaken! There is one item that can radically change your idea of the creation and modification of objects. We are talking about the legendary anvil! With its help, you can not only repair weapons and armor, but also change the magical properties of objects, combine different spells in new effects. Do you know that the fall of an anvil is capable of inflicting tremendous damage? Or that with its help you can even rename objects? Find out all the secrets of this amazing tool right now. In this article we will tell you how to make an anvil in Minecraft, we will analyze all its possibilities in detail.

How to Make Anvil in Minecraft

How to make an anvil – guide

The anvil in Minecraft is a solid block with its unique physics. She is explosion -proof, can resume and form in the inventory. So, let’s start the main thing – how to make an anvil in Minecraft. First you need the necessary materials:

  • 3 iron blocks;
  • 4 iron ingots.

To get iron blocks, we get iron ore and melt from it. Then we fold the ingots in the crafting interface with groups of 9 pieces – so we create blocks.

Now we start creating an anvil:

  1. In the lower row, put 3 iron blocks;
  2. In the middle row, place an iron ingot in the center;
  3. In the upper row, lay out 3 iron ingots;
  4. Ready! Now we have our own anvil.

However, be prepared for the fact that over time this item will be worn out and it will have to re -repair or recreate it. On average, the anvil withstands about 25 uses.

How to repair objects on an anvil in Minecraft

So, now that we know how to make an anvil in Minecraft, let’s figure out what can be done with it.

Firstly, on it you can repair tools, weapons and armor. To do this, place a broken object in the left slot, and the material for the repair is in the right. For example, iron subscriptions are needed for the repair of iron armor. One unit of material for repair (ingot) restores a worn object by only 25%. So stock up on resources. Although repairs, of course, are more economical than creating a new item. For example, 4-8 ingots go to create a set of iron armor. But for a full repair of such armor, 4 ingots are enough.

Secondly, with the help of an anvil, you can change and enhance the magical effects of enchanted things. This applies to both weapons and armor, and books with spells. For example, you take 2 iron swords with the same spell. By placing them in the anvil slots, this effect can be strengthened. Also, the anvil allows you to combine different spells on one subject, which is usually impossible when enchanting.

Thirdly, the anvil makes it possible to rename objects, although this requires certain costs of experience. The maximum length of the new name is 30 characters.

Interesting Facts

And now a little curious facts about this useful block:

  • The anvil can cause damage when falling on mobs or players. The higher the height from which the anvil fell, the stronger the blow;
  • Explosions cannot destroy this block;
  • Players do not suffocate inside the anvil unit;
  • When it is falling out of objects from the anvil in the multiplayer (bug), the experience spent;
  • Arrows and blocks lose their renamed name after a shot or mining.


The anvil is a very useful thing for craft and repair in Minecraft. Now, with our detailed instructions, you know everything about her. Armed with this knowledge, you will greatly simplify craft for yourself, while saving resources. Well, if you know any other cool chips about the anvil, do not forget to share them with us in the comments! Dare off, all hands!

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