How to make a lighthouse in Minecraft

Lighthouses in Minecraft are a great way to decorate the area and designate dangerous areas in the ocean. These tall towers with bright light on top not only look spectacular, but also bring practical benefits for navigation. Fortunately, building a working lighthouse in Minecraft is not at all difficult. You will need only a few blocks and a little redstone for automation. In a couple of minutes you can build a lighthouse in your world! In this article we will consider the Step-by-step process of creating a lighthouse: from the selection of a place and foundation, to the interior and signal fire. You will learn how to choose a suitable height, materials and optimal beacon design for your purposes. So, let’s get down!

How to make a Lighthouse in Minecraft

How to make a lighthouse in Minecraft – Guide

To build a lighthouse, you will need:

  • 81 iron ingot (can be replaced with gold, emeralds, diamond, etc.);
  • 3 obsidian block;
  • 5 glass blocks;
  • 1 star of the lower world (falls out of the drainage);
  • Fuel for swimming (boards, coal).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Place iron ore blocks and place in the oven along with the fuel. This will give you 81 iron ingot;
  2. Create 5 sand glass blocks;
  3. From iron ingots, create 81 iron block;
  4. Open the workbench and place: in the lower 3 slots, 1 block of obsidian, in the central slot 1 star of the lower world. In the rest of the slots, 1 block of glass. You will get a lighthouse block.

How to build a lighthouse in Minecraft

  1. Select a place for a lighthouse. It is best to place it on the shore near your home or base. The lighthouse will help you navigate the terrain. Put 9 iron blocks, forming a square 3×3. This will be the base of the lighthouse;
  2. On the resulting stand, place a lighthouse block. The higher the tower from iron blocks, the further the light will be visible;
  3. In the center of this base, set the lighthouse block. He must immediately light up.

Strengthening power (optional). To increase the power of the lighthouse and make it visible from a greater distance, you can build a pyramid from iron blocks under the base:

  • Make a layer of 5×5 blocks (25 blocks) under the first layer of 3×3;
  • Then optionally 7×7 blocks (49 pieces);
  • And finally a layer of 9×9 blocks (81 block);

That’s all! Now your lighthouse will be clearly visible at night and will help to navigate the area.

In order for the lighthouse to work, it is necessary to comply with several conditions. Firstly, under it there should be a properly built structure. Secondly, there should not be opaque blocks (with the exception of stone breed) above the lighthouse). The light level around the lighthouse does not matter.

The structure should be in the form of a pyramid and have a base from blocks of a certain type. These blocks can be diamond, emerald, gold, iron or non -metered. After you build a pyramid, at its top you can install a lighthouse.

After installing the lighthouse, after a couple of seconds, a bright vertical pillar of light will begin to radiate from it from it. If there is a colored glass or double -glazed window over a working beacon, then the beam of light will be the same color as glass or glass pad. If there is a transparent glass above the lighthouse, the beam of light will be common. The more levels the pyramid has, the more amplification can be achieved using a lighthouse.


As you can see, the lighthouse in Minecraft is quite simple and takes very little time. Thanks to the lighthouse, you can safely navigate the terrain at night, as well as use it as a distinctive attraction of your world. Remember that the base of 9 iron blocks is mandatory – it is on it that the luminous block of the lighthouse is placed. But the height of the tower under it can vary – the larger it is, the further the light will be visible. If you decide to decorate the lighthouse or build additional structures around it, take into account that the lighthouse itself must completely remain open to the sky. Otherwise, he will stop working. With the construction of the lighthouse, your game world in Minecraft will become even more interesting. And now you can experiment with different materials and the design of the tower to make the lighthouse truly unique. Good luck in construction and pleasant game!

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