How to make a lantern in minecraft

You are a fan of Minecraft and want to add new decor elements to your game process? One of the great ways to decorate your virtual world is to create lanterns. They can illuminate the surrounding space and add a cozy atmosphere to your buildings. If you want to know how to make a flashlight in Minecraft, read the article further.

How to make a flashlight in minecraft

How to make a lantern in minecraft – materials and manufacturing

To make a regular lantern, you will need:

  • eight pieces of iron;
  • One torch.

Iron can be obtained by obtaining stones, exploring the caves, finding chests in sunken ships or trading with the inhabitants of some taiga villages. It is also obtained by removing unnecessary weapons and iron tools. Torches can be found in various places of the game or created by connecting one stick and coal or charcoal.

step-by-step guide

  1. Open the craft table. As soon as you collect the necessary materials, open the craftsman table. A 3×3 grid will appear in front of you, on which you can place items to create new recipes;
  2. Lay the materials. Place eight iron parts in the shape of a ring on the table. This means that you will fill eight external slots of the grid, leaving the central slot empty. By decomposing iron parts, place the torch in the central slot;
  3. Get out the flashlight. After you arrange the materials in the correct order, a conventional flashlight will appear in the resulting field of the artisan table. Click on the flashlight to move it to the inventory;
  4. Place and enjoy. When the lantern is in your hands, you are ready to place it anywhere in the world of Minecraft. Just click the right mouse button on the block where you want to place the flashlight and it will illuminate this area. You can also use them to create beautiful light structures or suspend the ceiling to create a cozy atmosphere;
  5. Set your flashlight (optional). If you want to give your flashlight an individuality, you can make various changes to it. For example, you can connect it with a chain in a needlework table to create a suspended lantern. This will give a unique aesthetics to your buildings.

How to make a soul lantern in minecraft

  1. To begin with, you need to find a biom valley of sand shower in the lower world Minecraft. This biom is replete with the soil of souls with the necessary ingredient to create a flashlight of souls;
  2. Having reached the biomes of the valley of sand souls, begin to collect the ground of shower. This can be done, just by clicking on the right button on the blocks using a shovel. Make sure you have collected enough soil for all the lamps that you want to create;
  3. To create the flashlight of the soul, you need to go to the tables for crafts or to the Crafts net in the inventory. Place one stick, one coal or one tree in the central slot, and above it – one soil of the soul. As a result of this combination, you will receive four torches of the soul;
  4. To create a flashlight of the soul, you will need eight iron ingots. Iron ingots can be obtained by melt iron ore in the furnace or plundering them from chests in various buildings around the world Minecraft;
  5. As soon as you get the necessary iron ingots, again open the artisan table or inventory grid. Lay out iron ingots in the shape of a square, filling all eight slots of the craft grid, while the central slot should be empty. Then place the torches of the soul in each angle of the grate;
  6. After the correct arrangement of the torches of the soul and iron ingots, you should see the lanterns of the soul in the final slot of the craft grid. Drag the flashlights of the soul into your inventory to collect them.


Now that you know how to make both ordinary lanterns and the lanterns of the soul in minecraft, it’s time to reveal your creative potential! Light your virtual world, create cozy atmospheres and give free rein to your imagination. If you were an experienced player or just beginners, adding lamps to the gameplay will bring your minecraft to a completely new level. So take the materials, light the night, and let the adventures begin!

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