How to make a portal in Minecraft

Minecraft portals are one of the most interesting and exciting features of the game. These mysterious structures allow you to travel between different dimensions and spaces, opening amazing new worlds to the players. Non -core, land, exit portal – each of these portals leads to its unique measurement with its own rules, dangers and secrets. Having built such a portal, you can fight with the dragon of the region, find rare resources or simply explore unknown lands. However, despite all the apparent magic, portals in Minecraft are just special structures from certain blocks. Their creation obeys the clear rules that we will consider in this article. So, prepare the necessary materials and follow our instructions to open the portal in any of the measurements of Minecraft! An unforgettable adventure awaits you ahead!

How to Make a Portal in Minecraft

How to make a portal to the lower world (underworld)

The lower world, also known as a non -zero or underworld is a dangerous dimension, full lava, fiery creatures and valuable resources. To get there, you need to build a non-zero-portal.

Necessary materials:

  • 14 blocks of obsidian;
  • Lighter.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Find obsidian using diamond pick. Obsidian is formed when water flowing into lava;
  2. Gather 14 obsidian blocks;
  3. Select a place and dig a rectangular recess with a size of 4×5 blocks;
  4. Put 10 obsidian blocks along the perimeter of the recess, leaving 2 opposite angles free;
  5. Fill the corners of another 2 obsidian blocks;
  6. Use the lighter to set fire to any of the internal blocks of the frame;
  7. Wait a few seconds while the portal is activated;
  8. Enter the portal. You will find yourself in the lower world!

How to make a portal to the edge

Krai – the last dimension in Minecraft and the habitat of the dragon – the final boss of the game. To get to the edge, you need to activate a special portal.

Necessary materials:

  • 12 Eye of the region;
  • 12 frames of the portal of the edge (located only in the fortresses of the region).

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Use the eye to find the nearest fortress of the region. Eye will show you the direction;
  2. As soon as the fortress is found, go downstairs and look for the portal’s room;
  3. In the portal room, find the portal frames and collect them. You will need 12 frames;
  4. Return to the surface and build the structure of the portal 3×4 of the block, leaving the corners empty;
  5. Set the portal frame along the perimeter of your structure;
  6. Place the eye of the edges on each frame of the portal, except for one;
  7. Place the last eye of the edge on the missing frame inside the structure;
  8. The portal is activated! Come in and you will find yourself in the edge.

How to make a way out portal

The exit portal allows you to return from the edge back to the main world after the victory over the dragon. This portal is created automatically, it is only necessary to activate it.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Find and destroy the dragon of the edge;
  2. As soon as the dragon is defeated, the exit portal will appear in the center of the island of the region;
  3. Enter the exit portal to return to the main world;
  4. Congratulations, you won Minecraft!

Interesting Facts

  • Initially, portals in Minecraft were added to the Beta 1 version.6 in 2011. The first appeared the portal to the lower world;
  • There are many mods adding new measurements and portals to Minecraft, such as Twiligt Forest, Aerotrot, Galaxy and others;
  • Bug in Minecraft allows you to create a super -fast portal for traveling between remote areas of the same world. To do this, you need to build two related non-zero-portal;
  • Measurements in Minecraft are generated separately from the main world. This means that the same portal to the lower world can lead to its different parts;
  • There is a very rare glitch “Dear the portal”, in which two portals in different places come out of one portal;
  • In Minecraft there are unused textures to create portals in other measurements: red portal to hell, blue portal to paradise and purple portal to the edge;
  • If you place the framework of the portal to the edge in the lower world instead of the main world, the portal will not work. Thus, the developers did not give the players an easy way to the edge;
  • The creators of the popular Twiligt Forest fashion were inspired by the measurement of the region when developing their mod;
  • There is a rare glitch “Endless Portal”, in which the portal begins to endlessly teleport the player between dimensions without the ability to exit.

These are interesting facts about portals in Minecraft! As you can see, despite the apparent simplicity, the portals are fraught with many secrets.

We will summarize

So, we examined the main types of portals in Minecraft and detailed instructions for their creation. As we see, each portal is unique and requires specific conditions for activation. The construction of portals is an exciting process that opens up new facets of the game. Traveling between measurements using portals, players can fight unique bosses, collect rare resources and just enjoy unique landscapes. Of course, the creation of some portals (especially to the edge) is a complex quest that requires time and effort. But the final reward in the form of unforgettable adventures is worth. We hope that this article helped to figure out how to make any portal in Minecraft. Now you know all the secrets of these mysterious structures and you can go towards new horizons! Nice travel!

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