How to make a chest in Minecraft

Each experienced player in Minecraft knows how important it is to have a reliable place for storing all produced treasures and valuable resources. In this difficult task, the right chests will help you! They can be made manually or find them ready -made in certain locations.

This article will talk about how to create different types of chests, effectively use their capabilities, as well as where to look for useful chests in the open spaces of Minecraft of the World. So, let’s get down!

How to make a Chest in Minecraft

How to make a chest in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To make a simple chest, you need 8 wooden boards of any tree. 

Then open the workbench and put 8 boards there. Place them in each cell besides the central. After that, the chest will automatically be scattered, which can be taken and installed.

How to make a Chest in Minecraft-2

Important point – do not forget to leave enough space around the chest! Otherwise you cannot open it to access things.

There are several options for blocks that can be put on top of the chest without blocking access to it. These are water, lava, leaves, cacti, glass, snow, stairs, cakes, beds, fences, torches, tables and some other translucent blocks.

A simple chest contains:

  • Up to 27 piles of objects;
  • Or up to 1728 separate blocks/items.

How to make a large chest

A large chest is much more spacious than a simple one – twice as many things are placed in it. To create a large chest, first:

  1. Make 2 simple chest, as described above;
  2. Put them nearby on the ground;
  3. Provided that they are strictly nearby and are oriented the same – chests will automatically connect into one large.

If you want to put chests separately, hold the Shift when placing them.

Big chest contains:

  • 54 slots for objects;
  • Or up to 3456 blocks/items – twice as many simple.

Other useful types of chests

In addition to simple and large chests, there are other varieties with additional functionality:

Lovushka chest – triggers when opening and gives out a rabstone. To make such a chest:

  1. Scrapet of a conventional chest;
  2. Scrapet sensor (1 iron ingot + 1 stick + 1 board);
  3. Connect these 2 items together on a workbench without using a special form.

A chest with a lock – opens only if the player has a special key. This allows you to protect valuable objects from outsiders.

Ender Sunduk is a special variety of chest, which allows you to instantly move objects between all ender-sunges in the world.

How to use a ready -made chest

So, you have successfully created a chest in Minecraft. Let’s figure out how to use it:

  1. Install a chest and leave a place to open;
  2. Go and click on it with the right mouse button – the chest will open;
  3. To put an item in a cell, click Shift and click on the cell;
  4. To pick up the item, also use Shift;
  5. You can close the chest with an inventory button or ESC.

Additional tips for using chests:

  • The left click takes all the stacks of objects at once;
  • The right click is only half the stack;
  • The transfer of one item is carried out by the right click on it.

Pay attention to the orientation of the chest – the location of objects when filling up depends on it.

In the upper three rows there will be objects corresponding to the eastern and northern blocks of the chest. In the lower rows – Western and southern.

Where to find chests in Minecraft

If you need additional chests, they can be found in the following places Minecraft of the world:

  • One of the simplest places where you can find chests in Minecraft is NPC villages. Just explore the village, and you will probably stumble upon several chests that can be plundered;
  • Another common place where you can find chests is abandoned mines and caves. In these underground structures, chests with valuable items, such as ore, weapon and armor are often found in these underground structures. Do not forget to take a torch with you to illuminate dark tunnels while searching for chests;
  • In the measurement of Nether, you can find the destroyed Nether portals, in which there are chests with loot. In these chests, you can find unique items that may come in handy in your adventures in Minecraft. Just be careful with dangerous mobs or traps hiding nearby;
  • Finally, temples and fortresses located in the jungle and deserts are also excellent places to search for chests. In these structures, chests with valuable treasures, such as enchanted books, diamonds and rare objects are often found in these structures. Carefully examine these places to find all the chests hidden in them.

Search in these locations – most likely, you can find ready -made chests with useful objects or even treasures! Good luck in search and use of chests in Minecraft!

We will summarize

So, now you know everything about the creation and use of chests in Minecraft – from simple to special options like a trap. Thanks to the knowledge gained, you can easily build a reliable storage for all your values. No longer have to worry about the loss of prey and resources! In addition, you learned about useful locations where you can find ready -made chests with contents. Forward, searching for adventure and treasures! And the wealth found will be waiting for you in the right chest of the most reliable structure. Good luck in Minecraft and the creation of the perfect storage for the winner!

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