How to make a pot in minecraft

You are tired of playing minecraft and not know how to make the main items? Well, you are lucky because today we will learn how to make a pot in Minecraft! Pots can be used as decorative elements for your home. In just a few simple steps you can make a pot and improve your gameplay. let’s start!

How to Make a Pot in Minecraft

How to make a flower pot in minecraft – Hide

Collect the necessary materials, namely 3 bricks. You can find bricks by melt clay in the furnace. Each block of clay during smelting gives 4 bricks.

step-by-step guide for the manufacture of pots:

  1. Open the craft table. Click on it with the right mouse button to open the 3×3 craft grid;
  2. In the second cell of the first column, put 1 brick, put 1 brick in the third cell of the second column, place the last brick in the second cell of the third column;
  3. Move the pot to your inventory. After you arrange bricks in the correct order, a pot will appear in the window of the craft table. Click and drag the pot into the inventory to save it;
  4. Use the pot. Just choose it in the inventory and click it with the right mouse button on the block where you want to place it.

How to make a pot in minecraft using teams

To make a flower pot in Minecraft using commands, follow the following actions:

  • Open the chat by pressing the “T” key (English keyboard layout);
  • Enter the “/Give @p mincraft: flower_pot” command and press the Enter key;
  • As a result, one flower pot will appear in your inventory.

If desired, you can indicate the number of flower pots and to whom to give them:

  •  To get 10 flower pots, use the “/Give @p mincraft: flower_pot 10” command.
  • To give a flower pot to a specific player, replace “@p” with his name Minecraft user. For example, “/Give minecraftmax minecraft: flower_pot” will give a flower pot to a player named Minecraftmax.

Having performed these actions, you can create and receive flower pots in minecraft using commands.

What can be put in a pot in minecraft

The most beautiful flower pots in minecraft is that you can put in them, almost anything you want. Here are some options:

  • Mushrooms. Various types of mushrooms can be planted in pots and used as a jewelry for your garden or at home;
  • Seedlings. There are various seedlings in the world of minecraft that can be grown in pots. It can be trees, shrubs or other plants;
  • Flowers. The most popular option for planting in a pot in minecraft. You can use multi -colored flowers to create a beautiful floral ensemble;
  • Cacti. Funny and unpretentious cacti also look great in flower pots;
  • Ferners. You can use various types of ferns to create a green corner in your virtual house;
  • Dry bushes. Another option for decorative plants that can be planted in a pot.

When you decided that you will plant in the pot, you can choose a place to accommodate this decoration. There are several options in Minecraft:

  • Ladder. The pot can be placed on the steps of the stairs. This will create an interesting and original look;
  • Inverted plate. The pot can be placed on an inverted plate, which will also become an unusual and stylish interior detail.

It is important to note that it is impossible to place the pot on a regular plate, and also when the pot is destroyed, all the contents will fall out of it down.


In conclusion, I want to say that studying how to make a pot in Minecraft opens a whole world of opportunities to decorate your virtual house. Whatever you decide to plant – mushrooms, seedlings, flowers, cacti, ferns or dry shrubs – options are endless. Show a creative approach and enjoy, exploring all methods of using pots to improve the gameplay. So forward, collect materials, follow the instructions and give free rein to your imagination by creating a new decorative pot in minecraft! Happy creativity!

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