How to make a sharpener in Minecraft

Current stone in Minecraft is an important thing for processing weapons and tools. With it, you can fix the objects that have been played during use and restore their strength and efficiency without the cost of new craft. In addition, the sharpener allows you to install additional improvements on tools and weapons using enchants. It is not difficult to make your own sharpener in Minecraft. The main thing is to collect the necessary materials. In this article, I will tell in detail how to make automatic and manual sharpened, what resources will be required for this and how exactly everything is constructed. Follow the Step-by-step instructions – and soon you can independently repair and enchant things directly at your base using a sharpener made!

How to make a Sharpener in Minecraft

How to make a sharpener in Minecraft – guide

To make a sharpener, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Wooden sticks – 2 pieces;
  • Boards – 2 pieces;
  • Stone slab – 1 piece.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. If you do not have a workbench yet, create it. Collect 4 wooden bar and place them in the form of a square on a craft grid. After manufacturing, place the workbench in the inventory;
  2. Click with the right mouse button on a workbench in the inventory to open it. This will allow you to see a craft net;
  3. Place the ingredients in the Craft grid. Place 2 wooden sticks in the lower row, 2 boards in the middle row, and a stone plate in the upper row, in the middle;
  4. After you place all the ingredients in the correct order, a sharpener will appear in the results of the results on the craft grid. Just click on it to extract.

To use the sharpener, just click on it with the right mouse button, holding the tool that needs to be sharpened. The sharpener will give your instrument a sharp edge, increasing its effectiveness and durability. Remember that the sharpener can only be used in a certain amount of times before it breaks. Therefore, follow its durability and, if necessary, create a new sharpener.

How to make a sharpener in creative mode

Open the chat by pressing the “t” key on the keyboard. Then follow the following command:

  • /Gamemode Creative

This team will switch your game mode to creative, which will allow you to access all the necessary materials and tools without any restrictions.

You can get a grind stone using the next team in the chat:

  • /give @p mincraft: grindstone

This team will give you a sharpener in the inventory. If you need several sharpeners, you can specify their number by changing the command. For example:

  • /give @p Minecraft: grindstone 10

This team will give you 10 sharpeners.

If you want to give a stone directly to another player, you can use the following command:

  • /give Minecraft: grindstone [player user name]

Replace the [name of the player’s user] with the real name of the player to whom you want to give a stone.


Current stone in Minecraft is an indispensable tool for maintaining weapons and tools in working condition. To repair the damaged item, just place it in the left slot of the sharpener interface and the desired material for the repair – to the right. For example, for repairing a diamond sword, diamonds will be required. Click on the sharpener, and your tool will be completely restored and ready for further use!

However, the grinding stone removes all spells from renovated items. Therefore, if you do not want to lose magical improvements, it is better to create a new tool or fix the old on a workbench. In addition, sharpener will not save weapons and tools from curses.

An interesting fact – a sharpener can be used on the inhabitants of the village, turning into a gunsmith who can sell ready -made tools and armor!

We will summarize

Minecraft sharpen is a valuable tool that gives a few advantages. Firstly, it allows you to turn the inhabitants of the village into a gunsmith, opening the opportunity to trade and receive a powerful weapon. In addition, with its help you can repair objects, which saves resources and eliminates the need to create new items from scratch. Let your weapon be sharp, tools – effective, and adventures – epic!

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