How to make arrows in Minecraft

From the first days in Minecraft, the player is surrounded by dangers. At night, zombies and skeletons are hunting for you, and the cryers creep from the back! To protect yourself, it is important to create weapons as quickly as possible. One of the simplest and most effective types of weapons in Minecraft is onions with arrows. In this article I will tell you in detail how to make arrows in Minecraft from different materials. We will analyze what you need for arrows, which resource is more efficient to use at different stages of the game. You will find out what arrows inflict more damage and are best suited for hunting or mob attacks. Prepare resources and follow my instructions! Soon we will be fully armed and ready to defend and attack in Minecraft.

How to Make Arrows in Minecraft

How to make ordinary arrows – guide

To make an arrow at Minecraft, you will need:

  • 1 flint;
  • 1 stick;
  • 1 feather.

Flint can be obtained by obtaining gravel blocks with a shovel, sticks – from wooden boards, and feathers fall out of chickens when they are killed.


  1. Open the craft table. Click the right mouse button on the table to open the 3×3 grid interface, where you can combine objects and create new ones;
  2. In the craft table, place one flint in the middle cell of the upper row. Then place one stick in a field located directly under the flint. And finally, put one pen in the box right under the stick. The location should resemble an arrow directed down;
  3. After you have set the materials in the correct order, four arrows should appear in the results window on the artisan table. Just click on the arrows to collect them and add to your inventory. Repeat the process as necessary to create more arrows.

Interesting Facts

  • In survival mode, you can create 43 different types of arrows, including ordinary, spectral and arrows with various effects;
  • Skeletons use bows and arrows to attack the player;
  • Arrows can be bought from an archer in the game;
  • Arrows can move under water, but their range and flight speed are significantly reduced, and they leave a trace of bubbles behind them;
  • The maximum range of arrows is about 120 blocks, and the maximum flight height is about 70 blocks, if you shoot with maximum onion tension at an angle of 45 degrees or upright upwards;
  • The amount of damage applied by the arrows depends on the degree of onion tension and can be from 1 to 5 hearts if they fall into the target;
  • Arrows are stuck into the objects that are faced with, and disappear in a minute;
  • Arrows released by the player or the distributor can be selected after entering the blocks, but the arrows that got into the mobs cannot be returned;
  • Arrows lose speed and fall to the ground if they get on the target with immunity.
  • If the arrow is stuck in the block, which is destroyed or disappears, it falls down and causes damage to the creatures below;
  • Arrows can ricochet from some objects, for example from a player in a creative mode, and can cause him potential damage if you shoot up at an angle;
  • Arrows flying through lava are ignited and can set fire to mobs or activate TNT when hit. Light arrows cease to burn over time and turn into ordinary arrows;
  • Firing in a minicart or boat, you will break it;
  • Arrows released by skeletons, players in creative mode or with enchanting “Infinity” cannot be collected.


The art of creating arrows in Minecraft is necessary to survive in the game. Thanks to this leadership, you now have knowledge and resources for creating ordinary arrows and studying the wide possibilities of arrows and effects. Do you defend yourself from enemies or go to epic adventures, your faithful onion and arrows will be your main ally. So, collect materials, follow the instructions and get ready for an exciting journey through the Minecraft block world. Now go ahead, armed and ready, and let your arrows never miss!

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