How to make funnels in Minecraft

Minecraft funnels are not only a useful tool for sorting objects or moving mobs. Using funnels, you can revive your farms and mechanisms, accelerate the transportation of resources through pipes or create funny puzzles for friends! In this article I will tell you how to make different types of funnels in Minecraft with your own hands without using mods. We will find out where to get the necessary materials for the craft of funnels and how to properly place them in space. You will learn how to make simple funnels for sorting items, telly portals between portals, rings-rowsing funnels for transportation through pipes. And even create our own unusual funnels for original designs and traps!

Prepare resources, choose the location of future funnels – let’s get!

How to Make Funnels in Minecraft

Like boot funnels in Minecraft – guide

To make a regular loading funnel, you will need:

  • 5 iron ingots;
  • 1 chest.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. In the Crafts grid, place the chest in the central cell. It will serve as the main component of your loading funnel;
  2. Now take iron ingots and put one under the chest in the craft grid. It will take the lower grate cell;
  3. Continuing to work with iron ingots, place one ingot on the right side of the chest, and the other from the left. This will cover two cells next to the chest;
  4. Finally, take two more iron ingots and place one in the first cell of the upper row, and the other in the third. On this manufacturing scheme for a conventional loading funnel is completed.

The use of funnels in Minecraft

Minecraft funnels have many applications, for example, to automate resource sorting, creating automatic farms and much more. They can be used with chests, chests, funnels, dispensers, barrels and droppers. However, they are not compatible with the chest chests. Double chests can be used, but it is important to note that the funnel attached to half of the double chest will fill or empty the entire chest.

If you want to automate the process of cooking potions, funnels can be used along with coasters for cooking. The upper funnel is used to load the ingredients, the side – to load the flask, and the lower funnel will take the flasks regardless of their contents. To fully automate the process of making potions, you can build a chain of red stone, which will activate the funnel after a certain time after loading the ingredients.

For more advanced automation of the funnel, you can attach to minecars with chests. Attaching the rails to the funnel, she will be able to unload the contents of the chest standing above it. To attach the output end of the funnel to a mini-telephone, aim at the rail block through which the mini-telephone will stop for downloading.

The funnels can also be connected together to create a chain of funnels, but this method does not allow objects to move up. So that objects do not move between funnels, both funnels must be turned off.

To use the funnel, just aim at the block to which you want to attach it and install it. If you want to attach the funnel to the interface block, hold the Shift key during its placement. If the block to which the funnel is attached will be destroyed, the funnel will remain in its place and attach to the block installed in its place.

Finally, the funnels can be turned off by charging them with a red stone. When the funnel is disabled, all the objects thrown into it will just lie on it.

Interesting Facts

  • The funnel does not interact with the chest chest. She cannot load or take objects from it;
  • Despite the fact that the funnel looks like an incomplete block, you can put torches, red stone wire, rails and other similar blocks on it. She will still work correctly;
  • In Java Edition, the funnel cannot be moved using a piston;
  • The funnel transfers one item every 8 cycles;
  • If under a funnel directed on the chest there is another funnel, objects will be transferred to the lower funnel, but not to the chest;
  • The funnel does not transmit items to the player on the side of it;
  • Obty objects can be accepted by a funnel if they fell through half a block;
  • If the player gets into the boot funnel, traveling on a trolley, he will automatically come out of it by passing several blocks.


Minecraft funnels are not only a practical tool for sorting items or moving mobs, but also endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. If you want to optimize your farms, create funny puzzles for friends, or just speed up the transportation of resources, funnels are what you need. Thanks to simple recipes for manufacturing and convenient placement in space, everyone can use the advantages of funnels without using mods. So collect resources, choose the perfect place and give free rein to the imagination, exploring the endless potential of the funnels in Minecraft. Get ready for your gameplay will reach new heights!

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