How to assemble honey in Minecraft

Minecraft honey is not only a useful food product in real life, but also a valuable resource. With the help of honey, players can tame peaceful bees, as well as use it as sweet food to restore satiety. However, getting to this goodies is not so simple – because he is guarded by bee swarms! In this article, I will tell you in detail how to find bee hives, collect honey with minimal damage and without disturbing angry insects. You will learn what tools and protective measures will be needed, what tricks and professional advice of experienced beekeepers and honey hunters in Minecraft exist. So, get ready for a delicious and dangerous adventure! Honey harvest is waiting for its daredevil!

How to Harvest Honey in Minecraft

Two ways to collect honey in Minecraft

First of all, you need to find bees in Minecraft. Bees can usually be found in flower biomes, such as plains or sunflower plains. They are also attracted to flowers, so follow colorful spots, exploring your world. As soon as you find a hive, you will notice that the bees fly and fly away to pollinate nearby flowers.

To start collecting honey, you need to increase the level of the hive. Bees will fly out and pollinate the flowers, and then return to the hive, which, in turn, will increase its level. The maximum level that a hive can reach is 5. With an increase in the level of the hive, the number of honey he produced and the number of. When the hive reaches the maximum level, you can collect honey in two ways, which we will talk about later.

Method 1. Collect honey with a bottle

  1. Take an empty glass bottle;
  2. Wait until the bees take pollen to their nest or hive. This can take some time, so be patient;
  3. Every time the bees are polished, the amount of honey increases to one level. You can see the progress of honey growth when observing the texture of the hive;
  4. After the amount of honey reaches the fifth level, the texture will change, and a golden nectar will drip from the holes of bee dwellings. This means that you can start collecting;
  5. Dilute the bonfire under the hive or nest. The smoke from the fire will make the bees calm down, which will make the collection of honey safe for you;
  6. Click “Use the item” when you have an empty glass bottle in your hand, and you yourself are next to the hive or bee nest;
  7. You will have a bottle with honey! Now you can enjoy this sweet treat or use it in other recipes.

Method 2. We use a dispenser

  1. Place the distributor so that its output is directed at the hive or nest of bees;
  2. Put empty glass bottles inside the dispenser. The maximum number of empty – 9 pieces;
  3. Place the red stone comparator under the hive. This device will send a signal to the distributor depending on how many honey is available;
  4. Wait until the distributor begins to collect bottles of honey. Когда уровень меда достигнет пятого уровня, раздатчик автоматически начнет собирать бутылки с медом и складировать их;
  5. Collect bottles with honey. When the dispenser begins to collect bottles of honey, you can remove the full bottles and add other empty glass bottles. This will allow you to continuously collect honey without exhausting the stocks of bottles.

How to get honey in Minecraft in creative mode

To start using commands, you need to open a chat in Minecraft. Just press the “t” key on the keyboard, and the chat window will appear on the screen.

To give yourself a bottle of honey, enter the following team into the chat:

  • /give @p mincraft: honey_bottle

Click Enter after entering the command, and you will get a bottle of honey in your inventory. Easy, true?

If you want to give yourself more than one bottle of honey, you can specify the number in the command. For example, if you want to get 10 bottles of honey, use the following command:

  • /give @p mincraft: honey_botle 10

You can change the quantity to your liking, and the corresponding number of bottles of honey will be added to your inventory.

We will summarize

Honey in Minecraft is not only a delicious treat, but also a valuable resource. However, his extraction is associated with considerable difficulties, because the bee swarms guard the precious honey. But do not be afraid, with the right tools and protection measures you can safely collect honey and go to a delicious and dangerous adventure. Whether it is a bottle or dispenser, you can enjoy the sweet fruits of your work. So take a thrill and get ready for the collection of honey, which has not yet been in the world of Minecraft!

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