How to make flags in Minecraft

Minecraft gives unlimited opportunities for creativity and creating unique buildings. One of the interesting decor elements in this game is multi -colored flags that can be placed next to your buildings or use as indicators on the ground. Making colorful flags in Minecraft is quite simple, the main thing is to show a little creativity. In this article we will consider how to create flags, add images or patterns using dyes. So, let’s get down!

How to Make Flags in Minecraft

How to scrap the flag

In order to make the flag on the workbench you will need:

  • Stick – 1 piece;
  • Wool – 3 pieces.

To create a flag in Minecraft, you need to open a workbench and place the wool in the first two rows, starting from above. Use the chosen hair color to determine the final color of the flag. Finally, place a stick in the center of the last row.

How to apply drawings to the flag

To create a truly stylish banner, the player needs to choose the right combination of colors and patterns. This can be done as follows:

  1. First you need to add visual interest in your flag, creating a gradient background. Go to the workbench and take four different dyes and banner. Place the banner in the upper middle nest of the workbench, and place the dyes on both sides and in the two lower nests. This arrangement will give you the effect of the gradient going from top to bottom. If you want the gradient to go from the bottom up, just turn the elements in the workbench;
  2. To add lines to the flag, you will need at least three identical dyes. To create a vertical central line, place the dyes in the second row of workbench, and place the flag below or higher in the central slot. This arrangement will allow you to get a vertical central line on your flag. Experimenting with the location of dyes and flag, you can create various lines and patterns. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and try various combinations to find what suits your style;
  3. Now that you have mastered the main techniques, it’s time to give free rein to your work. Combine different colors, symbols and patterns to create unique and attracting flags. Experiment with various location options and see what will look best. Remember that the possibilities are endless, so do not be afraid to think non-standard and create something truly original.

When you create your perfect flag, be proud of your work and share it with the Minecraft community. Take screenshots or write down a video with flags in action and share them on social networks or on forums. Who knows, perhaps your creations will inspire others and become a popular trend in the Minecraft community.

More about patterns on flags in Minecraft

In Minecraft, players have the opportunity to configure flags by applying up to six different patterns. These patterns can be superimposed on each other, which allows you to create unique and individual designs. However, if the player wants to change or remove the pattern on the flag, he can simply wash it off in the boiler. With the advent of a weaving machine in Minecraft version 1.10 The process of creating patterns on flags has become easier. Players can use a combination of a banner and any dye to quickly apply one of the available patterns. The lock of the weaving machine itself is created using two threads and any type of board, and you can find it in the villages.

We will summarize

The creation of unique and colorful flags in Minecraft is a fun and creative way to add individual touches to your buildings and show your imagination. Would you like to show your favorite colors, create a personal symbol or even repeat the flags of different countries – the possibilities are endless. In just a few simple steps, you can create a unique flag that will highlight your buildings and landscapes. So take a table for creativity, collect materials and give free rein to your imagination! Minecraft community is looking forward to your incredible creations, so do not hesitate to show your flags and inspire others to work. Happy creating flags!

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