How to make hooks in Minecraft

Minecraft provides players with truly unlimited opportunities for creativity and creating a wide variety of mechanisms and designs. However, for the implementation of even the most daring ideas, one important element is often lacking – automation of processes. And then such useful objects like hooks come to the rescue. These small devices, which are often underestimated by beginners, can be confidently called one of the key components when creating automatic systems in Minecraft. With their help, the redstone chains are launched, the doors of the machines open and close, traps and alarms are triggered. In short, hooks literally pull on the necessary strings, starting the work of many mechanisms. Next, we will consider in detail why hooks are used in Minecraft, how they can be created. From this article you will learn about all the intricacies of the use of hooks, which will allow you to automate your designs and databases much more efficiently.

How to make Hooks in Minecraft

What are hooks for Minecraft for

The hook in Minecraft is a very useful item that has many applications. Firstly, with its help you can create various alarms and traps. For example, by combining a hook with a stretch of tripvar, you will get a simple, but effective system of warning about the danger. As soon as the stretch is hurt, it activates the hook, and you will immediately find out that someone has penetrated your territory. Hooks are also often used in automatic farms and mechanisms. With their help, you can open and close the doors, enable and turn off the redstone-chain and so on. If you like to experiment with the automation of processes in the game, hooks will definitely come in handy.

How to make hooks in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

To create a hook in Minecraft, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 iron ingot;
  • 1 stick;
  • 1 board.

Open the workbench and put the ingredients in the craft net in this order:

  1. Iron ingot – into the central cell in the upper row;
  2. Stick – in the central cell in the middle row;
  3. Board – in the central cell in the lower row;

After you arrange all the materials correctly, you will see a hook recipe in the output cell. Click on it to make a hook.

Thus, you can create hooks for use in your automatic systems and traps. The hook is very useful in itself, but for most applications you will also need a tripvary.

How to get in creative mode

If you play in creative mode, then getting a hook is very simple:

Open the chat by pressing the key t and enter the command

  •  /give @p mincraft: tripwire_hook

The hook will appear in your inventory

You can also specify the number of hooks after the name of the subject. For example, a team 

  • /give @p mincraft: tripwire_hook 64

will give you 64 hooks.

If you want to give a hook to another player, indicate his nickname instead of @p:

  • /Give NickleiMigrok Minecraft: Tripwire_hook

That’s all you need to know to get hooks in the creative mode of Minecraft! With their help, you can build any mechanisms and traps for your needs.

Hook control

The use of a hook in Minecraft is very simple and intuitively understandable. To release the hook in the right direction, just press and hold the right mouse button (PKM). At the same time, a metal pointed tip will fly out of the hook, which digs into the nearest solid block.

If you let go and then press PKM again, then the hook will get back. So you can use the same hook to move around the area, in turn releasing and removing it.

Being an attached cable to the hook, you can swing from side to side using the keys w, a, s and d. This allows you to gain pulse for jumping or flight to other platforms.

To unhook the hook and jump, use the gap key. The hero will push off the cable and make a high jump in the right direction.

You can also stop swinging on the hook if you hold the Shift key. In this mode, the keys w and s depends only upward or down the cable, respectively.


So, we examined the main methods of using and creating hooks in Minecraft. These, uncomplicated at first glance items turn out to be a fairly useful tool for automating processes and creating security systems.

Hooks can be used to build signal stretch marks, activation of the redstone cages in automatic farms, opening and closing the doors of mechanisms, and so on. They will be an excellent addition to your technical constructions in Minecraft.

To create a hook from scratch, you need only three main material – an iron ingot, a stick and a board. Combining them in the indicated order in the craft grid, you can easily get the desired item. And in creative mode, just enter a special team in the chat.

Now, knowing everything about the features and creation of hooks, you can confidently use them when constructing in Minecraft. Let them become reliable assistants in all your endeavors!

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