How to make potions in Minecraft

Minecraft potions are real magic that can radically change the gameplay. One sip of a magical mixture – and a surge of strength, swiftness of movement, the ability to breathe under water or even invisibility awaits you! Potions reveal truly unlimited possibilities. However, the creation of such miraculous elixirs is not an easy process. Only experienced potions are able to combine dozens of rare ingredients to obtain the desired effects. Before starting cooking, they have a painstaking work to prepare the necessary conditions. In this article, we will analyze in detail what equipment and components will be required to create potions in Minecraft. You will learn from which elements to collect a hob, how to extract rare ingredients, as well as on additional useful devices to automate the process.

How to Make Potions in Minecraft

What is needed for cooking potions

The basis of any potion is water. It can be typed in a boiler and then pour into glass flasks. Flasks are made of 3 glass and 1 iron ingot. Several barrels will also be useful for storing water reserves.

The next important element is the hob. This is the place where the ingredients will be mixed directly and the potions are infused. The rack can be scraped from 4 boards and 1 iron ingot. Be sure to place it on a special stand over a source of heat, for example, above a stove or a piece of magma.

To spell the stove or heating magma, fire powder is required. This is a special fuel for the hob. You can get it from the fiery rod with a hammer.

Additional potions for potions

To automate the processes as much as possible, create additional devices:

  1. Tanks for ingredients. For example, individual boxes or barrels for all types of dust, seeds, tears and other components;
  2. Mixer Potions. This mechanism can automatically supply up to 5 ingredients to the mixing boiler;
  3. Potions cooler. With it, the finished potion will instantly cool and end the cooking process.

In addition, for convenience, use funnels, glass tubes, flasks of different sizes and other laboratory utensils. All this will come in handy for a real potions!


The main ingredients that form the base of potions:

  • Prepared spider eye;
  • Light -poured;
  • Seeds of hellish growth;
  • Red dust;
  • Powder.

Producing ingredients that determine the effects:

  • Fiery powder;
  • Gast’s tear;
  • A sparkling slice of watermelon;
  • Lava cream;
  • Golden carrots.

Boiled ingredients for advanced potions:

  • Spider eye + prepared spider eye;
  • Sugar + prepared spider eye;
  • A sparkling slice of watermelon + prepared spider eye;

Separately, it is worth mentioning the rare ingredient – dragon breathing. It allows you to cook unique settlement potions.

Here are the main elements for cooking potions in Minecraft. Combining them in a hob, you can create a variety of useful drugs! Good luck in the development of alchemy.


So, now we have analyzed in detail what elements are necessary for cooking magic potions in Minecraft. As it turned out, this process requires considerable preparation! First of all, we need basic components like a hob, flasks, boilers and water reserves. You can’t do without special equipment and storage facilities. Fiery powder, which gives heat to cooking, also plays a most important role. However, all these elements are useless without magical ingredients. They need to be mined in difficult battles or search for secluded corners of the world. Spider eyes, tears of gaste, lava cream, a day -sheet – only a small part of the components for elixirs. Connecting all these items in the right proportions using a hob and additional mechanisms, a competent potions can create real miracles! Now, armed with the knowledge gained, you can safely immerse yourself in the world of alchemy Minecraft. Let your potions help to become a real wizard of this realistic universe!

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