How to save inventory in Minecraft

Preservation of inventory in Minecraft is an important function that provides convenience and comfort in the survival process. Without it, players have to deal with the difficulties of restoring the resources obtained after accidents, such as falling into lava or other problematic situations. In this article, we will consider how to use commands to preserve inventory and disconnect this function in Minecraft.

How to Save Inventory in Minecraft

How to save inventory in Minecraft – detailed guide

In Minecraft, it is important to know how to save the inventory so as not to lose or confuse your items. The player’s inventory is divided into various sections, including armor slots, objects of objects, fast access panels, and left slots. Most objects can be put in a stack to save space, but some have restrictions. To save the inventory, you need to use additional commands, for which it is necessary to include cheat codes in the game.

To access certain commands, you need to enter them into the console. There are two ways to open the console:

  • By pressing the “T” key: the chat window, which is also a console;
  • By pressing the “/” key: a similar window will open with an already introduced symbol of Slash, which is necessary as the starting point of any command.

So, to save the inventory in Minecraft:

  1. Open the chat in the game using the key /;
  2. Enter the command: /Gamerule Keepinventory True. This step activates the mode of preserving the inventory, which prevents the loss of objects after the death of the player.

Now that the mode of maintaining the inventory is included, after the death of the player, all objects will remain in his inventory. This provides convenience and eliminates the need to restore resources after accidents.

When is it better to keep inventory

Activation of the inventory conservation team in Minecraft is important to prevent the loss of valuable items. It is recommended to activate the team after receiving rare items since their loss will be a serious blow. In addition, the activation of the team preserving the inventory before passing a dangerous place guarantees that in case of death, you will not lose your objects, and you will not have to start all over again. Finally, it is recommended to activate the team as the equipment is filled in order not to lose objects due to a lack of place. Even though this action may seem simple, the advantages that it gives, protecting your progress and preventing possible failures, make it worthy of use.

How to disable the preservation of inventory – realistic survival

For those who prefer a more realistic experience in Minecraft, you can turn off the functionality of saving inventory using the following command:

  • /Gamerule Keepinventory False

This team will return the game to the standard mode, where when the player is the death of the player, he loses his inventory.


In conclusion, I want to say that the knowledge of how to preserve the inventory in Minecraft is very important for the game. This will not only save you from disappointment associated with the loss of valuable items but also ensure convenience and spiritual calm. Whether to activate the inventory conservation mode or disconnect it for a more difficult experience – the choice is yours. So go ahead, master this important function, and raise your survival skills in Minecraft to a new level!

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