How to teleport in Minecraft

Minecraft teleportation is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly move around the world. In this article, we will consider how to use teleportation on coordinates in single-user games on multiplayer servers. If you want to quickly move around your world in Minecraft or join your friends in another place, teleportation can become a decisive factor in the game.

How to TelePort in Minecraft

How to teleport by coordinates in a single game

Coordinating teleportation in Minecraft is a useful function, especially in a single-play mode.

To include teleportation in Minecraft, follow the following actions:

  1. Download Tlauncher and run the game;
  2. Activate the “Cheats” option in the game settings. Go to the “Single Game” section → “Create a world” → “Additionally” → “Use cheats: inclusive”;
  3. By entering the game, click on the keyboard the letter “t” to open the chat;
  4. Enter the command “/Teleport Login X Y Z” (without quotation marks). Replace the “login” with your player’s nickname, and “x”, “y” and “z” – to the necessary coordinates. The coordinates can be found by pressing the F3 key in the game.

How to teleport in Minecraft on a server

To teleport to the coordinates in Minecraft on the server, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Download and run the program Tlauncher;
  • Get the necessary permits to activate the creative mode on the server. This can be done by becoming an administrator or asking for permission from an existing administrator;
  • Open the chat in the game by pressing the letter “t” on the keyboard;
  • In the chat, enter the teleportation command: “/TelePort Login X Y Z” (without quotation marks);
    • By “login” refers to your in-game nickname.
    • “X”, “y” and “z” are the coordinates that you can find by pressing the F3 key.
  • Click Enter to activate the teleportation team;
  • After that, you will teleport to these coordinates and can fully enjoy the game in Minecraft in creative mode in the server.

Please note that the exact syntax of the team or resolution may vary depending on the server on which you play. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the server documentation or contact its administrator to receive specific instructions.

Important details

Keep in mind that teleportation without the knowledge of coordinates or when using irregular coordinates can lead to deplorable consequences. In Minecraft, one wrong movement can lead to the fact that you find yourself inside the blocks, which portends death. You can also be in dangerous places such as lava or the bottom of the ocean. Teleport with caution and carefully monitor the environment. Having learned how to use teleportation on the coordinates correctly, you can avoid traps and forever death.

To teleport to a specific player in Minecraft, you need to enter his correct name instead of coordinates. Make sure there are no spelling errors that the player is currently on the network.

In the survival mode, you can use the pearl of the edge to teleport to the place where it will land. To do this, take the pearl in the hand and click the right mouse button to quit it. As soon as it lands, you teleport to this place. Keep in mind that when using you will get 2.5 hearts of damage.

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