How to scrap a chain in Minecraft

Minecraft chains are flexible structures consisting of links that can move freely and take various forms. They can be used to create a variety of mechanical devices, such as lifts, swings, traps and much more. Making chains requires certain resources and craft skills. The main material for their creation is iron mined from iron ore. The process of craft chains is simple, but opens up wide opportunities for creativity and technical solutions.

How to make a chain in minecraft

How to make a chain in Minecraft – Step-by-step guide

The chain in Minecraft is unique decorative blocks that can be used to suspend various objects and create interesting lamps. Although chains are found in the remains of the bastion and destroyed portals in the lower world, they can also be created independently. Here is a Step-by-step guide for the manufacture of chains from scratch in Minecraft.

To create chains in Minecraft, the following materials will be required:

  1. A piece of iron – 2 pieces;
  2. Iron ingot – 1 piece.

Iron bullion can be obtained by melting iron ore in a stove or a domain furnace. Pieces of iron can be made by processing iron ingots on a workbench.

As soon as you have 2 iron crumbs and 1 iron ingot, open the workbench and place the ingredients in the correct order:

  • Iron ingot in the central square;
  • Iron crumbs right above and under the ingot.

As a result, you will receive 1 chain that can be moved to the inventory, completing the craft.

Using chains

As soon as you have several chains, they can be hung on the ceiling or horizontally to the walls. They can be connected to each other, allowing you to suspend objects like bells, lanterns and showers. If you place the chains horizontally, you can walk along them, but because of their low width, this requires caution, otherwise you can fall.

The only recipe using chains is the creation of suspended signs. Two chains combined with six peeled logs, bamboo or stems of the desired type of wood create a suspended sign in the style of this tree.

When creating the dungeons of the chain, it is simply necessary. They can be combined with iron rods and mossy cobblestones to give structures of an ancient species.

Interesting facts about chains

  • For the texture of the chains, the upper texture of the lamps is used;
  • On the texture of the ruin there is an image of chains;
  • Fanding blocks of the type of sand and gravel fall when falling on horizontally located chains, but do not fall out if you fall by vertical;
  • Chains allow you to decorate houses and buildings, creating a feeling of antiquity and mystery.

We will summarize

So, now you know how to create chains in Minecraft – from collecting the necessary materials to various ways of using them. These blocked blocks will help to realize the most daring design fantasies! Thanks to chains, you can turn your homes and locks into real medieval structures. Suspended bridges, secret passages, dungeons with cells – chains will become the perfect addition of any mysterious interiors. And using them in combination with torches, you will create a truly gloomy atmosphere of dungeons. In addition to decorative goals, chains are useful and in practice. With their help, you can construct elevators, traps and other mechanisms. So give the will of fantasy, experimenting with chains in Minecraft! And if inspired by the idea of creating a medieval castle, feel free to add the chains everywhere – on the walls, ceilings, gates and bridges. Let your creation be filled with an atmosphere of secrets and adventures! In the end, a new exciting adventure can be hidden behind each chain in Minecraft.

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