How to speed up time in minecraft

You someday felt that the time in the game was going too slowly? If you play minecraft and crave progress or want to get your crops faster, then you are not alone. If you need to move forward faster, in this article we will consider methods that will help change the course of the game and speed up the process.

How to Speed Up Time in Minecraft

Time in Minecraft

Minecraft time plays a crucial role in the general gameplay and impressions of the game. Every day in Minecraft consists of four daily cycles, each of which has its own unique characteristics and events. Understanding and managing time in minecraft is important for survival and effective gameplay.

The first daily cycle is a day that is the longest cyclic period that lasts about 10 minutes. At this time, the world of Minecraft is filled with bright sunlight, which provides players with full visibility and the ability to explore and collect resources without fear of hostile creatures. This is the perfect time to hit the road, build buildings and engage in various activities.

As the in -game clock goes, they reach the next phase known as the sunset. This transition occurs about 90 seconds after the start of the day. During this period, the amount of light gradually decreases, which indicates the approach of the night. It is important for players to complete all the events in the fresh air, find shelter or prepare for the upcoming events.

As soon as the sunset phase ends, the night occurs, which lasts about 7 minutes. The world of Minecraft becomes dark, and various hostile mobs, such as zombies, crips, skeletons and spiders begin to appear. At this time, players should be careful and strategy to avoid meeting with these dangerous creatures. It is recommended to hide in the room, illuminate the surroundings or arm yourself with weapons and armor to protect.

After the night phase, the game goes to dawn, meaning the beginning of a new day. This transition period lasts another 90 seconds. The sun rises on the horizon, gradually illuminating the world. At this moment, all the remaining hostile mobs that have fallen on the street are burned in the rays of the sun, and it becomes safer players to resume their activities.

How to speed up time in minecraft

There are several methods that will help you accelerate the time in minecraft. The following are two ways by which you can change the current time in the game.

Method 1. With the help of commands

We accelerate the time in Minecraft using the console:

  1. /Gamerule RandomtickSpeed. Allows players to speed up the growth and harvesting process. By introducing a command, behind which the number follows, players can increase the speed of random changes in each cup, which will make the plants grow faster and allow you to harvest faster;
  2.  /Time Set (Day/Midnight/Night/Noon). To change the time of day in “Minecraft”, players can use the team /Time Set, after which one of the available options follows: day, midnight, night or noon. This team sets the game timer for the desired value, allowing players to control the time of day in their world;
  3.  /Time Add (time). If players want to make more specific changes during Minecraft, they can use the command /Time Add. By introducing the number after the team, players can add this value to the current time meter. However, it is important to note that minecraft uses a unique time calculation system, the parameter of which varies from 0 to 18000. The maximum value corresponds to midnight in the game;
  4. Teams of the server administrator. In addition to teams available to all players, servers administrators have additional opportunities for changing time “. These commands are available only to the server administrator and can be used for manipulations with time settings in the game.

Method 2. Bed

In minecraft, players can speed up the time using the bed. If all the characters on the server go to bed at the same time, time is automatically rewinded to the nearest “control point”, which is either midnight or morning.

To make a bed, players will need

  • 3 units of wool;
  • 3 units of boards.

You can get wool, cutting its sheep or killing them. Boards can be made of any tree. To collect the bed, the player needs to decompose the ingredients on the workbench. The wool is placed in the middle row, and the boards are in the lower row. The result is one finished bed element.

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