How to tame a cat in minecraft

Cats in Minecraft are lovely and amazing creatures. They can become excellent pets that can warm your home and brighten up time in the game. The tamed cat will help you hunt rats and small mobs, as well as give useful gifts in gratitude for care. However, it is quite difficult to gain the trust and arrangement of these proud and wayward animals. To make friends with the cat in minecraft, you will have to make a lot of effort. In this article I will talk about all the nuances of the process of taming cats. You will find out where to find cats, how to feed them, how to interact with them and make your faithful pet correctly. Follow my advice – and a sweet fluffy miracle will soon settle next!

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft

How to tame a cat – guide

If you are interested in how to tame a cat (ocelot) in minecraft, here are the first steps:

  • The first step will be the extraction of raw fish with a fishing rod. You can use either “raw salmon” or “raw cod”. For successful tagging, it is recommended to have about 20 pieces;
  • Find a cat (ocelot). Look for them in any jungle biom. Wait until the ocelot comes up to you, and do not try to approach it, since he will run away if he feels a danger. It is important not to drive the ocelot into a corner or trap, since in such a situation you cannot tame it;
  • Choose a suitable area. Find a plot with a horizontal area of the area of 7 by 7 blocks. This will ensure the estate of a sense of security. Make sure there are no aggressive creatures or other peaceful animals nearby.

step-by-step guide:

  1. Keep raw fish in your hand, but do not look directly at the okelot during the taming process;
  2. Come close to the okelot slowly and carefully, without running away. Use the Shift button to go with normal speed;
  3. If the ocelot shows interest and turns to you, stop immediately and continue to move forward only if he turns away;
  4. Stay motionless until the ocelot approaches you (about a distance of 2-3 quarters);
  5. As soon as the okelot approaches and stops, click the right mouse button to feed it with fish. Stay motionless until the ocelot finishes to eat.

How to give the name of a tamed cat

To name a cat in some games or virtual worlds, you need to get an object called “Tag” or “Label”. This item can often be obtained by fishing, buy from game characters or find in chests in caves or mines. Having received a label, you can use the anvil to write the desired name on it. After writing a name, take a mark and attach it to the cat using the right mouse button. After attaching a cat, a written name will appear above the head.

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about cats in the game:

  • The tamed cats do not go aside, but if you move too far or teleport, they can disappear or even die if they are brought to dangerous places;
  • Cats can help scare away hostile creepers. Although they will not attack creepers directly, their presence can create an effect that will not allow monsters to get closer;
  • It is recommended to leave cats at home, as they will run to you if they are with you, and may fall into a dangerous situation;
  • If your character dies, the cat will be teleported either to your bed or to the PROPAUN.


In conclusion, I want to say that the tame of a cat in Minecraft may require some effort, but the reward is worth. You will not only have a true and useful companion, but you will also add a touch of warmth and joy to your virtual world. Do not forget about patience, proper nutrition and creating a safe environment for your cat friend. So, take a fishing rod and go on a trip to taming and rapprochement with these charming creatures in Minecraft!

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