How to tame a horse in minecraft

Horses in Minecraft are amazing creatures that can become faithful companions and assistants to the player. With their help, you can travel faster around the world, transport goods and even fight with mobs. But first, the horse must be tamed. The process of taming them is quite simple, the main thing is to show a little patience. In this article, I will tell you in detail how to find and tame the horse and cook the right food for horses. Following my advice, you can easily subjugate these beautiful animals and go towards adventures on the right friend!

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

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  1. Find the horse and go to it. In the huge world of Minecraft horses, you can find wandering on plains, savannahs or any other grassy bioom. Pay attention to their unique appearance with different colors and patterns. Noticing the horse, carefully approach it, without making sudden movements;
  2. Stay your hands. Before trying to tame the horse, make sure that there are no objects in your hands. Horses are shy creatures, and hold the object in their hands can scare them off. Make sure the hand slot is completely empty;
  3. Slowly sit on a horse. You may have to do this several times before the horse gets used to your presence. Be patient and persistent and remember that you can not make sudden movements or loud sounds that can scare the horse;
  4. After you successfully sit on a horse, you will need to stay on her back for a few seconds to prove your control. At this time, try not to move and not jump. The horse will begin to resist and resist, but if you stay stable, it will soon accept you as its rider;
  5. Speak the horse. Clare the right button on the horse, holding a saddle in your hand to place it on the horse’s back. Now you are ready to take control and explore the world of Minecraft on your right horse;
  6. If you want to increase the speed of your horse, you can use a whip, also known as carrots on a stick. Create a whip by connecting a fishing rod with carrots, and hold it while driving a horse. Click the right mouse button to use the whip, and watch your horse rushes forward with lightning speed.

What to do if the horse does not tame

If the horse still refuses to tame, you can experiment with its feeding with goodies – sugar, apples and bread. It is known that these delicious goodies increase the chances of the success of taming and accelerate the growth of foals. To make the horse healthy and happy, you can feed it with various products, such as apples, gold apples, hay bales or sugar. Feeding your horse will cure any damage it received, and also increase its trust and loyalty to you. Make sure that your horse is well -fed and well -groomed to achieve optimal performance.

Power exposure table on horses and its action:

Food Treatment Growth rate Acceleration of taming
Sugar 1 heart 30 seconds 3%
Wheat 2 hearts 1 minute 3%
Apple 3 hearts 1 minute 3%
Golden carrots 4 hearts 1 minute 5%
Bread 7 hearts 3 minutes 3%
Golden Apple 10 hearts 4 minutes 10%
The sheaf of the hay 20 hearts 3 minutes

How to ride a horse

As soon as the horse is sad, you can control its movements using the keys W, A, S and D on the keyboard. Click W to move forward, a to move to the left, s to move back, and d to move to the right. The horse will move at different speeds depending on its characteristics. Some horses are faster than others, so choose wisely when you tame one of them.

In addition to movement, horses can jump. In order for the horse to jump, you need to charge the jumping counter, holding the “gap” key. The longer you hold the gap, the higher the horse will jump. Remember that each horse has different jump abilities, so experiment to find out what your horse is capable of.

Sitting on horseback, you can perform various actions. You can use any items in the inventory, open chests, go through doors, use tables for crafts and even put blocks. Thus, the horse becomes not only a means of movement, but also a mobile base for your adventures.

However, it is important to note that horses are sensitive animals. When you are riding a horse, you should avoid too close approximation to water. Horses do not like water and drop the player if they plunge into the water deeper than two quarters. Remember this and plan your routes accordingly to avoid unwanted surprises.

Finally, it is very important to handle the horse carefully and satisfy its needs. Like any living creature, horses require care and attention. Be sure to feed the horse with gold apples or golden carrots to maintain its health and make it happy.


Horse taming in minecraft can be a useful and exciting adventure. A little patience and perseverance – and you will have a true horse, on which you can explore the huge world and cope with any difficulties that arise on your path. So sit in the saddle, take the whip and go on an unforgettable journey with your faithful companion. Happy driving in the world Minecraft!

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