How to make a hive in Minecraft

Minecraft offers players a lot of opportunities for creativity, the construction of various structures and even entire cities. At the same time, the game contains elements of taming and breeding animals – you can grow cows, sheep, pigs and birds. One of the mobs useful for farming in Minecraft is bees.

To breed bees, to engage in beekeeping and collect honey in Minecraft, a hive is needed. Fortunately, it is quite simple to build it and every player can. Next, we will consider in detail how to make a hive for bees in Minecraft with your own hands, what materials and all the subtleties of the process will be required for this.

How to make a beehive in minecraft

How to make a beehive hive in Minecraft – Guide

To start their path of the beekeeper, players must first find the nests of wild bees and collect honeycombs from wild bee nests. So that the inhabitants of the nest do not attack the character, you can dilute the bonfire under the nest. To do this, the player needs to collect 3 sticks, 3 logs and 1 piece of charcoal.

In addition, the character can use scissors made of 2 iron ingots to cut the hive and remove the honeycomb. This method will not destroy the nest and allow the player to get 3 honeycombs.

Another option is to use the magical method by enchanting an ax with magic “silk touch”. The enchanted ax will not damage the hive, and the character will be able to get 3 hundred from it.

So, for craft the hive will be needed

  • 3 units of hundreds;
  • 3 wooden block.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Place 3 elements of bee honeycombs on a layout in a horizontal row in the middle row of cells. Then place 3 wooden blocks in the remaining empty slots in the upper and lower rows;
  2. After you arrange the items in the correct order, a hive will appear in the window of the craft table. Just drag it to your inventory.

To settle the bees in the hive, start with their search in a flower forest, where there are many flowers for pollination. Bees are easy to find out by buzzing. To tame a bee, offer her a flower. Anyone is suitable, for example – sunflower or chamomile. When the bee follow you, bring it to the manufactured hive, which should be located in the garden. Returning to the hive, bees will pollinate flowers, helping to accelerate plant growth by spreading pollen. So that they breed, give a previously pollinated flower another bee. This will lead to the appearance of a bee-boy. The new bee will appear every five minutes until the hive reaches the maximum capacity. During the whole day, the Bee-Malysh will grow to an adult, and this process can be accelerated if the kids are fed with flowers.

Choosing a place to install a hive

The choice of the right place for the bee hive in Minecraft is crucial if you want to successfully breed bees and achieve maximum performance. Bees flourish and effectively work only under certain conditions, so it is important to carefully consider where you will place their hive. Here are a few factors that should be taken into account when choosing a place for the hive:

  1. Compatibility with a biom. Not all biomes in Minecraft are suitable for bees life. Bees prefer biomes such as meadows, plains, mangrove swamps, flower forests and birch groves. In these places there are all the necessary resources and conditions for the prosperity of bees;
  2. Availability. Make sure that there is enough space around the hive to make it convenient for you to inspect and collect resources. You will need to regularly go into the hive to get honeycombs, bottles of honey and other items related to bees;
  3. Lighting conditions. Bees prefer sunny places, which are either closed from strong winds or have good artificial lighting. Sufficient lighting not only helps bees navigate, but also affects their mood and productivity;
  4. The presence of vegetation. Bees collect pollen and nectar from nearby flowers and trees, so it is recommended to plant various species of plants next to the hive. Different species of plants will give different products and increase the overall productivity of your bees;
  5. Security considerations. To reduce the risk of attacks of hostile mobs, such as skeletons, zombies or killer bees, it is important to place hives away from dangerous places such as caves or densely populated enemy territories. Safe environment will ensure the durability of your bee population.


Creating a hive in Minecraft is a simple and useful process. Following the steps described above, players will be able to become experienced beekeepers and enjoy the advantages of beekeeping in the game. From the collection of honey to the acceleration of plant growth – the hive adds a unique and interactive element to the Minecraft game. So why wait? Start your path of the beekeeper today, and let the buzzing begin!

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