How to make glass in Minecraft

Glass – one of the most useful materials in Minecraft due to its unique transparency and many applications in construction and decoration. From it you can build windows, shop windows, greenhouses, and also use for decorative purposes thanks to different color variations. Of course, high -quality glazing will significantly improve any structure in Minecraft. Beginning players often do not know how to get glass in Minecraft and from which it can be made. Next, we will consider a detailed algorithm of how to make ordinary glass in Minecraft, which is needed for this.

How to Make Glass in Minecraft

How to make glass in Minecraft – guide

  1. As in real life, sand is needed for the manufacture of glass. Find a deserted biom or place next to reservoirs to collect sand with a shovel. You can use ordinary or red;
  2. Click with the right mouse button on the furnace to open the melting window. Place the sand in the upper square of the furnace;
  3. Insert coal, wood, or any other fuel source into the lower square of the stove melting window. From each block of sand, one block of glass will be obtained;
  4. It will take a few seconds for the sand to melt and turn into glass. Gain patience and let the process end;
  5. After the sand melts, the glass will appear in the section of the results. Click the left mouse button on the glass icon to move it to the inventory;
  6. Choose a glass block from an inventory and click with your right mouse button in the right place in the game world where you want to place it. Keep in mind that the glass cannot be extracted by breaking it with a pick, so place it strategically correctly.

How to get glass in creative mode

  • Open the chat window by pressing the “t” key on the keyboard. A text field will appear in which the commands can be entered;
  • In the chat window, enter the command “/give @p Minecraft: glass” without quotes. The “/Give” command is used to transmit objects to players, and “@P” refers to the nearest player (which you are);
  • If you want to get a certain amount of glass, you can change the command. For example, if you want to get 10 glass blocks, enter “/give @p mincraft: Glass 10” in the chat field and click Enter.

In multi -user games you may want to give glass a specific player. To do this, replace “@p” addressed to the player user. For example, if you want to give glass to a player named Minecraftmax, enter “/Give Minecraftmax Minecraft: Glass” and click Enter.

Interesting facts about glass in Minecraft

  • Most mobs perceive glass blocks as opaque, that is, they cannot see through them. However, spiders can see through glass;
  • You can not put beds, pressure plates, buttons, levers or rails on the glass. You can only put ordinary and red -kicentic torches, and the red -stone torch will always be activated;
  • Glass blocks are indispensable when creating windows, lanterns, windows and other structures that allow natural light into the room. Thanks to glass, you can easily illuminate even the deepest dungeons or underwater buildings. At the same time, it protects against unwanted guests – mobs cannot attack through a transparent barrier;
  • Color stained glasses made of painted glass help to create stunningly beautiful interiors in any architectural style – from medieval castles to futuristic bases;
  • Glass is also often used as decorative material from the outside of buildings, for facing walls or roofs. A smooth transparent surface reflects landscapes, creating the illusion of larger space;
  • You can create a lighthouse from glass, but this requires other inaccessible components;
  • Glass has low explosive resistance, so the players need to be careful if there are cribers or other explosive mobs nearby. If an explosion occurs, it can make a hole in the glass and jeopardize the safety of the building/


So, now we have analyzed in detail how to make glass in Minecraft. The process is simple and takes a couple of minutes if there are source materials. The main thing is to have sand at hand in hand and then burn it in the furnace. Ordinary transparent glass is well suited for decorative effects and is quite suitable for living room windows. And adding various pigments to the stove during firing, you can create colored glass. Mass options – black, blue, red, green, white and other shades. Color glass is appropriate in atmospheric locations like mysterious temples or mystical towers. Do not save glass in your buildings in Minecraft. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also solves a number of practical problems – passing light, observation of mobs or players behind the walls, decorative decoration. In addition, glass perfectly breaks the rays of lasers in multiplayer mini-games. In any case, now you know that creating glass in Minecraft is very simple, you only need a little sand!

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